Thursday, 28 November 2013

Accessory Guide for Men!

No matter what style dilemma you've recently been dealing with, there's always an accessory that will solve it. Having a bad hair day? Sort it out with a beanie which makes you look cool in cool days. You think your outfit is very simple? Just wear a trendy leather bracelet and a men necklace to make your look in a style.

Finding the right details to finish off an outfit isn't something most guys think about. From neckwear, glasses, belts, and bracelets,  there are many ways to have a ‘effortlessly stylish’ look. You just need to know which one or ones are for you. So… Here is a men's accessory guide just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Pick one!

  • Hats and beanies - A hat is a great addition to your outfit. Casual hats with a black framed glasses give a playful vibe and a scholar look to a business or a casual  smart look. For example, throwing on a navy or grey beanie with a navy blazer, khaki chinos or jeans, grey jumper, rugged boots, a printed scarf , and a messenger bag is a great touch. It shows you put effort into your outfit but without a big effort.

Nixon compass grey beanie: £15.96
Bench men's chorlton oversized beanie: £14.99 £11.99 
Quiksilver Caribou hat black: £30 
Grey wool fedora: £ 41.16
  • Glasses and Sunglasses – Sunglasses are not just for summer anymore. When you see a little sunshine just put them on. Besides in winter season if you are a snowboarder or a skier your sunglasses are for 12 months. And drivers… You never know when the sun hurts your eyes while driving. If it’s a very grey there without any sunlight then you may go with coloured framed glasses for a scholar look. In both cases be sure to know your face shape.

Oakley StyleSwitch sunglasses in crystal black black: £156.00 
Reclaimed vintage round sunglasses:  £35.81 

Garrett Leight 'Abbot' glasses: £219.85 
  • Scarves - I know… You are tired of reading  about statement scarves but it’s such a big and important trend that I can’t finalize any posts without mentioning it. For a formal  look you may go with loop knots (fold the scarf in half and put the loose ends through the loop). For a more casual look just swing the scarf around your neck and letting both ends hang on each side.

G-Star Matthew Scarf: £80.00 
G-Star Jason Scarf: £120.00 
G-Star Milton Originals Scarf: £50.00
  • Belts - They say women can’t walk properly without a bag. That’s not true. But we do feel naked without a bag. That’s true.  I think the same situation must be for belts and guys. Guys (You) MUST feel themselves naked without a belt. It’s that much an essential! Belt rules are easy to get right: If your pants have belt loops, wear a belt with them. For a formal look make sure that your belt fits with your shoes. For a casual look go with ‘outstanding’ ones. Try contrast colours.

G-Star cooper belt: £60  
Scotch & Soda ethnic woven blue belt: £ 24.36  
Paul & Joe Emerson burgundy dotted belt: £ 71.40
Dsquared2 BELT: £84.00 
Armani embossed cracked leather belt: £98.99 
  • Bracelets, necklaces, and watches – I don’t know if it’s just me but I think men wearing bracelets, watches, and necklaces are very sexy! When it comes to bracelets don’t wear too many. 1-2 is enough. 
- An elegant necklace or a pendant seen behind your shirt or V-neck t-shirt/jumper… Nothing can be that sexy! When it comes to chains & necklaces, always think simple, clean and a little bit traditional. Don’t go for thick gold chain ones! Never! Male chains tend to be constructed slightly thicker than their feminine counterparts, so don’t assume you’ve got to buy the heaviest looking piece. 

Philipp Plein round metal men's necklace: £177.50 
Icon Brand billy rock necklace: £20.00£16.00 
Leather and stainless steel multicoloured necklace: £24.99 

- Men who wear bracelets are mostly the trendy, cool urban/city guys who care about his look. Especially with a rolled-up sleeves they look very cool! Trust me!

  • Tribal men's brown leather bracelet: £13.15
    Forzieri Di Fulco Line stainless steel men's bracelet: £63.50 
    Vivienne Westwood pete metal bracelet:  £85.00 
    Vivienne Westwood otho leather bracelet: £75.00 
    Cerruti stainless steel brown leather bracelet:  £75.00 
    Just Cavalli route brown leather and rubber bracelet: £95.85 
    Bottega Veneta Intrecciato oxidised silver bracelet: £335.00 

A great watch makes a huge statement. Lately, affordable watches have been getting stylish upgrades from the variety of different bands available from retailers. It just needs to sync up with your lifestyle and your daily outfit. A leather strap watch is a MUST HAVE! If you accomplished this then you may have colourful or stainless steel ones too. Like any other piece in your wardrobe, your watch needs to make sense with the rest of what you're wearing.

    Fossil Nate black stainless steel chronograph watches: £156.20 
    ATOP unisex watch WWS-1A: £160.00 £107.00
    Tissot gents T sport stainless steel bracelet watch: £260.00 

  • Gloves – I must say only go for leather gloves. Maybe it’s the biker charisma or something else but men should wear only but only leather gloves. That’s my idea and I’m standing behind it! They are also functional you know. J You can keep your hands warm. Try to make it good with your watch too. 

Hugo Boss leather black gloves: £75.00 £71.25 
UGG Australia leather gloves: £169.00 
AGNELLE Brown iPhone gloves with wool lining: £ 105

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Easy Chic, Avantgardist, Urban Outdoor, and Hybrid Business

Every style has its own spirit in itself just like us, people. We are not in the same mood everyday therefore experiencing different styles makes us more human! :) 
Wake up in the morning and look at the mirror. Then dress up depending your mood. Are you an easy chic, avantgardist, urban guy or an hybrid business man?

Effortlessly stylish. That's why it's easy! :)

Sharp and demanding. This style knows how to stay simple but creative and stylish.

Urban guy plays with formal dress code and makes it fun; turns it into an eclectic style. Cool guys

This is a masculine elegance. Easy and effective wardrobe. Here, details make the difference. Accessories, jumper under a jacket or a denim shirt under a blazer. Suitable for stylist business guys

Belstaff: For The Open Road

Belstaff Presents: For The Open Road, a documentation of five British bikers on a thrilling journey from The Goodwood Revival to New Bond Street. #SpeedandStyle

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tips To Choose A Long Coat

I thought it would be a smart thing to start with a Tom Ford long coat photo. Because this coat make you want to have one like this even though you don't like long coats at all!
I like long coats on men - especially for formal outfit - if they don't look like Blade, the vampire slayer :) 
So... How long is too long?

(In this post you can also find great long coats from the best designers, and also great ones under £ 150. Scroll down to see the suggestions)

  • First rule is: Make sure that your long coat is at mid-thigh. It shouldn’t touch the ground. Especially if you’re a short guy. In fact if you are shorter than average try the ones that are on the level of just under your hips.
  • Second rule: This is the only outfit that I don't recommend you to go colourful. Patterns are ok but not a bright solid colour!

A top trend for this season, the long coat is not to be chosen lightly. For the ideal length with details that make all the difference, The MenLookTribune revisits the most important points to keep in mind.

For Autumn-Winter 2013, it will literally invade the podiums of the major clothing stores: the long coat, which brings chic and nobility, but in reverse, finds itself as one of the top favorites of men’s fashion trends for the season. Ideal to cover you in the coldest temperatures, it remains a large investment – if not a primordial one – for this winter. But durable usage means choosing a coat with attention to the tiniest details for fear of needing to change it after one month.


The long coat of the contemporary man doesn’t touch the ground – far from it – the majority will wear the long coat at mid-thigh. At this length, the shortest of us won’t have any risk of seeing their silhouette minimized, and the tallest will see their silhouette enhanced without much effort.


A long coat means warmth, but also lets the body breathe: to fulfill these conditions, natural materials like wool and cashmere are supposed to be the best possible options. For those who are more sensitive, add to the mix a collar or fur lining, ideal for remaining warm, or even add a quilted vest under your long coat.


Once the length and fabric conditions are met, the choices still remain vast: in order to differentiate, the brands don’t lack imagination in creating the long coat unique to their genre, distinguishing themselves with subtle details which make all the difference. A few of the accents really hit the mark: the oversized collared coat, the twin fabric coat, and the camel remain the main victors of the season.

From Designers

DSquared Grey Gilet with Fur Collar, £ 1,469.16 | J.CREW Ludlow topcoat in wool-cashmere, £450 
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Sam Sweater Blue Striped Coat £ 550.20

HUGO BOSS Woollen Cashmere Overcoat with Zip Fastening 
CLOSED, Bolder Oversize Black Coat £ 494.76

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN shearling collar overcoat, £5,800
COMME DES GARÇONS HOMME Plus long coat, £1,264 

Long Coats from ShopStyle under £ 150

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Looks That You Can't Go Wrong With!

Inspirational Street Looks (Picked For You)

If you are confused about the new trends or just figure out what to wear, here are some Inspirational Styles that you can't go wrong with!

  • Chinos are not very different from jeans. They look their best when worn with a blazer or waistcoat.
  • Casual shirts are the best choices to have a casual smart look which works for both weekdays and weekends. Make sure they fit you in the neck and sleeves. According to fashionbeans editor; you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between your neck and collar and when you turn your head the collar should stay still.
  • When it comes to sport jackets or blazers, they must fit your body PERFECTLY. It’s a common knowledge to try on the size below what you normally go for.

From LEFT ---> RIGHT
  1. Tucci Bewley & Ritch Mens Mocha Burgundy Chinos £60 £30 
  2. New Mens Superdry Commodity Blazer Jacket  £74.99 £44.99 
  3. Uniforms For The Dedicated Midlake Blue Flecked Fleece Jacket £143.65 
  4. Original Penguin Penguin Men's Nathaniel Beanie £20 
  5. Men's Paul Smith London Speck print slim fit shirt £145.00 - House of Fraser 
  6. Howick Men's Amplefourth Printed shirt £49.00 - House of Fraser
  7. Paul Smith Men's Tapered Burgundy Twill Chinos £119 £84 
  8. Richard James Beanie Bobble Hat £145 

  • For knit jumpers or cardigans, make sure that they aren’t so tight nor too chunky for a slim look. It should be not tight to layer a piece underneath but are cut slim through the sides. For me; round neck pullovers are always preferable than turtle necks. 
  • Bomber jackets are on-trend this year and they are perfect pick for a weekend look.
  • Beanies and scarves… The statements accessories for men. You can never go wrong with that in winter. Just make sure they are huge and chunky. :)
From LEFT ---> RIGHT
  1. Kaporal Jumper Chaze Beige, Sojeans £55 
  2. Peter Werth Barstow chunky basket knit scarf, House of Fraser£35 
  3. Timberland Cable Scarf, Surfdome £49.99 
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pensacola Dual-fabric Blue Jacket £671.50 
  5. Rag & Bone Graham shawl-neck sweater £245 
  6. Peter Werth Baker chunky basket knit beanie, House of Fraser £25 
  7. Beams Cable-Knit Beanie, Mr.Porter £75 
  8.  Trussardi Contrast panel bomber jacket £740 

This photo (look) is one of the greatest example to show the importance of an accessory for men. The scarf... I can only see the scarf here. LOVED IT! WANT IT for myself too... It's unisex. Statement scarves guys... Statement scarves...
  1. Barneys New York Contrast Border Scarf £308.07
  2. Topman Light Grey Textured Jumper £32 
  3. Levi's Blue faded Jeans £202.27 
  4. Gucci pattern nylon jacket £570 
  5. Billy Reid dark oak quail jacket £461.77 

  • And the last look... The look that a scarf creates... Again... :)When you go with solid colour for most of your outfits, printed scarves are the way to make a final touch for a stylish look.

  1. Boss Black Men's Hugo Coxton Overcoat £419.99 
  2. Scotch & Soda Men's Single breasted coat with inner £300 
  3. Dolce & Gabbana concealed button shirt £260
  4. Alexander McQueen God Save McQueen printed modal scarf £445 
  5. Dolce & Gabbana crew neck sweater £370 
  6. Belstaff Wool Kester Crewneck Pullover in Dark Charcoal £383 

Friday, 15 November 2013

How to Pull Off a Great Pair of Colourful Socks Successfully

Thank God that it has been a while since men don’t wear only grey, black, or navy colours but started to fit themselves in more colourful style. But there are still some men who can’t let the classic colours go. For those I recommend colourful accessories and socks!

(In general nobody gives the attention to socks that they deserve yet they’re central to overall comfort in several ways) 

My fetish for shoes (I can’t help it. I’m a woman. It’s in my DNA) made me passionate for socks too. Believe me; when you sit down and show off your ankles in winter, socks are as important as a tie, bracelet or even a jacket! So stop wearing the boring and start wearing the fun!

Happy socks for feet! 

Today I am going to tackle the subject of men’s colourful socks; giving you tips and looks of how to pull off a great pair of colourful socks successfully.
Socks may sound like a small detail but they can serve to pull an outfit together. Plus; details in your style reflect your character, remember?

The key is...

  • Prints and patterns are this season’s big thing so why not use it for socks! The key is; don’t match the pattern of your socks to a pattern already in the rest of your look. For example, if you’re wearing a printed shirt, cardigan or trousers go with plain socks. You can still wear a colourful socks but without a print. Use the printed/ patterned socks only when you are in a solid-coloured look. 
  • If you’re wearing navy, it’s perfect time to wear a pair of orange striped socks! (Yellow hues are acceptable too)
  • Contrast or compliment your socks to fit with your tie, bracelet or an any accessory. Contrast with the trousers are more acceptable. 

The rules regardless of colours 

  1. Your socks should match one another and not have holes or visible stains. 
  2. Your socks must match your pants but shouldn’t be in the same colour. Mind the word “match”. 
  3. White socks are to be worn only when doing physical activities. (If you are not Michael Jackson)
  4. If we can see both sock and flesh, then I’m afraid the socks are just too short.

Some things are meant to stand out
  • Your business/formal outfit doesn't have to be boring! Add some fun to your look with your socks!