Friday, 18 December 2015

For Last Minute Shoppers: Life Saver Christmas Gift Guide ( Also a treat for yourself )

I know it may be a little late for Christmas gift ideas... I also think my favourite motto:

1. Nothing is impossible
2. It's never too late

I will go with the second one this time. :)
First of all the late shipping problem has been solved by many shops but still you have only have 2 days to order for it to arrive before Christmas.

For guys who still have no idea what to buy for her and for women who would like a little treat (because the sales are massive!) ... But more importantly for any last minute shoppers here are my favourites:

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

9 Classics For Winter Wear That Never Get Old

There are specific wardrobe must-have classics for winter that never get old. That means once you have them you can wear them this year and also 3 or even 5 years later too.  This is why we call them classics – useful, warm and always trendy. This is a smart wardrobe investment list. Memorize it, check it with your wardrobe, and enjoy the Christmas sales to get your needs!

1. Beige Overcoat

A beige overcoat is one of the most elegant options for winter. It’s functional and yet you can never go wrong with it. Beige goes very good with every colour and it’s also the colour of luxury.
Speaking of luxury - Burberry might own the colour beige but there are also more budget-friendly choices like Ben Sherman, Asos, GAP etc... Make sure it's beige and it fits you. :) 

2. Black or Brown Leather jacket

Photo from

Leather jacket is the sign of bad boys and masculinity. One of the smartest wardrobe investments. Most probably every man owns one but I’m sure you wouldn’t complain if you have model and colour options in your wardrobe, right? In case of emergency for quality and cost balance you can check Esprit leather jackets for a short cut as you see one in the photo. Click here.

3. Plaid Coat

Photo: Tommy Ton StreetStyle Shoots

Plaid is the symbol for cold weathers. If your are bored with solid outwears it’s good and safe to try a plaid one.

4. Dark Denim

Photo: Reiss

Lifesaver! You can even wear them at work. Light tones are for sunny days. Let’s keep it cool with #AllBlack look. Deep indigo is also a smart choice for weekends! 

5. Heavy Jumper

Photo: Maison Martin Margiela 

Autumn is officially over. Let’s get the heavy knits ready for winter.  Waffle or cable knit jumpers are our favourites.  Maison Martin Margiela rocks it but - as always - there are many options for your pocket. 
PS: Grey is the colour for jumper!

6. Oversized Scarf

Photo from

There is nothing better than a simple look with a striking accessory such as an oversized scarf. When your our on streets all they’ll see is outwear. So why not to make it eyeful?

7. Leather Gloves

Photo from

Leather gloves is the way to keep yourself warm and stylish. This is also the part of the biker look, which always works.  The ones with shearling or wool linings add a touch of luxury and comfort. 

8. Cardigan for Layering

Cold outside, warm inside! Layering is ‘the’ look for winter. One of the most comfortable styling.

9. Beanie!

Photo from

When it’s winter we refuse to see a man without a beanie! It’s the coolest accessory of the season. More is better when it comes to beanies. Have many colours and models as you can. 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Between A Man and His Suit: The underwear effect √ 

Yes… It’s the underwear. 
You might be very stylish and cool with your outfit but what happens when the time comes to take them off?  You might get ‘I’m hot’ ready for your date night but are you ready for the next level? (It might not be the same night but still… J ) 

Or let’s be more well-behaved… Finding the perfect undershirt and boxer or else can change your mood in daily rush! No need for adjustments is one of the best reason! 

I have received an e-mail from presenting their products which made me think: We – women – have tremendous options when it comes to underwear but men… They don’t. So let’s make a point about that! Men are no longer buying their underwear in cheap value packs, or letting someone else make the purchase for them.

Here is the scene you can think about: You start a relationship. You become getting comfortable in the same house, chilling, relaxing, and watching TV etc… (Don’t get too relaxed!) It’s a common behaviour that neither you guys nor us women like to be at home with our ready-to-go outfits. We all want to be with our underwear or cozy lazy wear. There are many options for women from cutie panties to sexy knickers and laces… What about men? 
There are not so many quality products for men’s underwear besides some luxury labels that we all know. Now you can have more options. Check

They also have special products in their ‘Support the balls’ sections, which they aim to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. Well-done guys!

Men are stepping up to say they care about comfort and support, and they don't mind spending a little extra for quality. They should have never mind it! :) √ 

Stepping into wet shaving!

There are certain things that symbolize a gentleman in mind. Cigar, whiskey, shaving brush... (And a watch, always a watch! :p )

I do like traditional things. Wet shaving is one of them. First of all it’s ad-smart sexy!
Men think women doing make-up or putting a lipstick on may be sexy and we – women – think men shaving – wet shaving – are hot! It’s also a great way to have fun by putting the shaving lather on your girlfriend’s nose & chasing each other. I know it is kind of advertising scene but it’s true; and it’s fun; and it’s sexy. It might be something like this:

While running an electric shaver over your face is quick and convenient but ‘real men’ do ‘real shaving’. Just kidding. I’m not a chauvinist or sexist but the truth will set you free! Plus, according to the men I talk to wet shaving looks better, feels smoother and also rehabilitates with the ritual including a brush, a bowl and a foam. Everything about wet shaving is stylish and cool. It might be a little bit dangerous though…

To avoid being cut follow these steps:

  1. Prep your skin carefully. Your skin must be as moisturized as you can before you use the razor. Take your time. Don’t rush. 
  2. Use a high quality product. We recommend creams instead of soap but it’s a matter of choice. Maca Root Shave Cream is one of the poroducts you may want to try. It softens bristles and improves razor glide for a close. 
  3. The brush is the other thing you should be selective. The Wooden Shaving Brush from The Body Shop is highly recommended. 
  4. The golden rule of wet shaving is let the razor do the work for you. If you find yourself fighting with it you’ve probably picked the wrong one. While many men naturally think that pressing harder gives a closer shave, all they’ll end up with is nicks, cuts and a million little pieces of paper stuck to their face.
  5. Before starting you first wet shaving take a few hours and watch a professional. It won’t kill you but provide you from several cuts and a bad experience. 
  6. Always but always use a quality aftershave and be generous about it. Also use a daily moisturizer.

After all of these instructions if you are still not into wet shaving then check out our 'Going Stubble' post! :) Click here

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hermès Men’s Wear Designer Véronique Nichanian's Paris Apartment

It’s luxury. It French. It’s Hermès.
We have not been hearing good thing about Hermes lately.
Model and singer Jane Birkin wants Birkin bag to be renamed after Peta investigation into French luxury goods manufacturer’s treatment of crocodiles and alligators. Hermès, however, has denied that the farm belongs to them, or that the skins from the farm are used to make their Birkin bags, asserting, "an investigation is underway at the Texas farm which was implicated in the video. Any breach of rules will be rectified and sanctioned."
These are the latest news about the most desired brand.
Many brands use the real leather to produce their goods. To me using real leather is same with wearing real fur but which one of us doesn’t commit this crime? (I am not promoting the brand here; just saying that real leather is real leather. Do not support or animal slaughtering.  We must find a way to do fashion without hurting animals.)

Anyway… Let’s be honest. Hermes is the first brand that comes to mind when we say luxury. NYTimes published an interview with Véronique Nichanian, 61 years old Artistic director of the Hermès Men’s Universe, about her Paris apartment.  (Interview by Steven Kurutz)

Your favourite living area?
A white-walled, high-ceilinged room with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

What do you love about this space?
The light is amazing because it’s from both sides. In 20 minutes my husband and I decided this was the place we wanted to live, and it was done. And I always dreamt of living in St.-Germain-des-Prés since I’m a child.

Why this neighborhood?
First of all, I’m born in Paris. I lived in many places in Paris because I moved many times. I used to come here and shop. I know perfectly all the tiny streets. It seemed to me the people were nicer, casual. There were many writers and people talking about art. For me, St.-Germain-des-Prés was the place to be.
Sometimes when we fulfill a long-sought dream, we’re disappointed. I’m not. I’m still very happy.

It’s said there is a Parisian way of dressing. Is there a Parisian way of living?
You should tell me. All my friends, I can’t say we have the same kind of apartment. It’s different because the personalities are different. People are more classic or more traditional. I’m not a traditional person, not at all.

Well, the flowers on your coffee table seem common to French interiors.
I brought these flowers from the country. It’s very important. It gives a softness. Even in my bedroom I have flowers. I like to wake up and see flowers.

I noticed your record collection. What are you currently listening to?
I’m listening to old Bob Dylan. I love his voice.

In both your men’s wear and your home, there is very little fussiness. 
It’s minimalist but with a touch of humor, I think, and emotional things. I have a large canopy armchair. I have a sofa for friends. I have a working fireplace. That’s fine with me. If I remember my first apartment when I left my parents, it was exactly the same. Smaller. Not in the same area. But exactly the same apartment. Really, I’m still the same. With my friends or the kinds of things I like. I did not change.