Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Men's Outwear Under $100 (£60)

It’s time to start shopping for cool outwears. Of course, you don’t want to go broke on coats and jackets because there are other winter wardrobe essentials on the way.
As you know; you don't need to spend hundreds or thousand dollars/pounds to keep up the winter trend. There are many options to shop the trends in a cost effective way.
I've found 11 top notch buys for under $100. (It's in $ because the platform hasn't started woring in £ yet :/)
If you want to see some cool options under $100 click HERE. 11 coats & jackets are waiting for you to have a place in your wardrobe!

At  (Click the white dots on the photo to shop)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Daily Report: TODAY'S PICK

Sometimes some styles and outfits really make me wish I was a man. Just sometimes... :)
Now is one of them. Here are my today's pick as a daily report.

Liked any of them? You can shop them @


Monday, 28 October 2013

LOOK of the DAY!

Maroon chinos, desert boots, white tee, blue blazer 
Great colours, great combination and great style!

Stone Island Shadow LookBook

If you are looking for a cool and nice coat, Stone Island must be in your TOP 3 list to shop!
Whenever I like a coat or a jumper and ask the brand it's 80% from Stone Island.
Therefore this lookbook is a must for your to check out if you want to look stylish in winter 2013/14. As you know, when it's cold outside the style is mostly about the outwear/coats.

Here is the Stone Island Shadow LookBook:

Saturday, 26 October 2013

SHOP FOR YOUR STYLE! (Inspired by Jace Lumley, editor of GQ)

Style yourself like a GQ editor! 

When I saw the photo I LOVED the styling! Then I read  that he was  Jace Lumley, editor of GQ. So... You wouldn't expect less from him, right?

Here is one of the best shopping advice....
Shop the Look of Jace Lumley, editor of GQ—blue layers of a long overcoat, denim shirt, and a knitted white undershirt. 
I picked some outfits inspired by Lumley's look including low & high prices both.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Let's Go Outside with BEANIES! [Menswear Winter Essential]

I don’t even ask ‘Beanie or not beanie?’. It’s definitely YES BEANIE!
If diamonds are girls’ best friend, beanies are men’s best friends for WINTER! Besides; who doesn't find a guy wearing a beanie attractive???
This is the first reason why you should have one! And the second reason is that they look “cool” and keeps you “warm”. They complete an outfit by adding an effortless final touch no matter if it's a casual look or a formal look.

Men's knitwear is set to become a big trend for winter 2013. As much as statement scarves are on the rise, beanies are in the ‘Must Have’ list too!
As we all see on all magazines, slouchy beanies are celebrities' winter essentials.  

It’s also a fact that it’s easier for men to wear beanies and hats as they generally  have shorter hair than women. Even if they have long hair somehow men can style their hair a lot easier than us, women. 

So… With this advantage in addition to style, why wouldn't a guy use a beanie, right?

On the other hand when you have a bad hair day, just wear a beanie and leave the house!

They are affordable and small (doesn't take up too much room in your wardrobe ) I think you must have many beanies in many colours and in many styles for your winter wardrobe.

Here are a few that I picked for you.

PS: I can’t say which one is my favourite because I liked them all!

  1. Street Stripey Beanies @ Adidas, £11.00
  2. Religion Solidify Beanie @, £25.00
  3. Independent Front Men's Hat @ Amazon UK, £12.00
  4. Barbour Grasm Hunter Hat, Grey @ John Lewis, £44.95
  5. Propaganda Black Hat @ MenLook, £ 29.40 
  6. Pattern Beanie @, £14.99

- (From left to right) Fair Isle Pom PomBeanie Hat in Navy, Twist Bobble Hat in Burgundy, Twist Bobble Hat in Black andGrey - £18.00 each, UrbanOutfitters
- (From left to right) New Era NY GiantsBobble Hat, New Era Pittsburgh Steelers Bobble Hat, New Era Chicago Bears BobbleHat - £18.00 each, UrbanOutfitters

Waffle Beanie (£10) Letterman Bobble (£10) from Next

"BRANDED LOVE - Diesel" by TrendHimUK

Affordable luxury for men!
#Watches #Jeans #Boots and #Tshirts
PS: Boots are my favourites! 


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Look of The Day [Inspired by my brother in law's wardrobe]

I dig in my brother in law's wardrobe and came up with this outfit as the 'Look of The Day".
I loved the t-shirt and the watch in particular, and Armani Code is one of my favourite parfumes for men.

T-shirt: Tom Wolfe T-shirts
Jeans: Next
Shoes: Next
Belt: River Island
Watch: Atop World Time Watches
Parfume: Armani Code

Thursday, 17 October 2013

What's Your Outfit Today? [Sent in from NY]

Many thanks to my friend B, he doesn't forget about me and my blog even when he is on holiday!
He went to NYC for 12 days and when we started to text each other he sent me those photos via Whatsapp.
I was jealous because of the nice weather he is having over there but then I decided to keep it cool because I liked his style and the photos too much! :)

T-shirt:  Viking | Sunglasses: Tom Ford| Bag: Mulberry| Jeans: Armani

Place: SOHO

If you liked the look I searched and find the outfit he is wearing for you!
Click HERE to shop!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mission Completed: Street Styles @London

I'm the kind of person who is in love with being outdoors. As I have mentioned many times before street styles are always better and more sincere than catwalk styles!
So... I walked, I walked, and I walked. In fact it was to give my friends a tour in London. I took advantage of this opportunity and prepared a street look post.

A stylish guy who I ran into on my way from Leicester Square to Covent Garden! He was very kinf to let me take his photos. Thanks again! :)

Cardigan: Lyle & Scott
Shirt: Asos
Trainers: Marc Jacobs

If you liked the look, click HERE to shop it!
(I've found exactly the same outfit :))

@Portobello Market
Coat & Beany: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Jean: Armani

If you liked the look, click HERE to shop it! 

Random photo shoots from Undergrounds

Friday, 11 October 2013

Men’s Grooming: How To Find The Perfect Beard Style?

Style is not just about clothes & accessories. It’s about how you look including facial and self-care.
As I have mentioned many times before, beard is a must for guys. Women love them! Trust me!
But not the ones like Santa; go for a stubble one! (Woman advice)
Beards have a magical power to turn a baby face into an attractive bad guy look.
So… Here are some beard shapes that you can find the perfect one for yourself. Before you grow a beard, it is best to find the right beard style for your face.

How to choose the right beard shape for yourself depends on only one factor: The shape of your face.

The Round Face
If you have a round face, go a bit longer at the chin to add length to your face. That will make your face look less round and more oval-shaped. Keep the sides of the beard short. Eg: Kenya West!

The Long Face
What you do for round face, now do exactly the opposite! Such as shorter at the chin but fuller at the sides. Eg: Dane Cook

The Square Face
This one is like the round face. You should opt for styles that make your  face appear more slender. You would want to make your face longer so one more time; shorter at the sides and longer at the chin. Eg: David Beckham!

The Triangle Face:
That means you have a pointed chin. Grow some chin hair. Your beard must look like a smiley face; add weight along the jawline and the chin. Eg: Ryan Gosling

The Oval Face
Those with oval faces are luckier than the others when it comes to beards. You can have whatever beard shape you like.

( It may seem like a geometry class but it’s not J )

MUST DO LIST while growing a beard:

  1. Choose your style carefully
  2. Keep it groomed and avoid an uneven finish.
  3. Don’t forget to let your skin breath once in a while.
  4. Moisturise!
  5. Use conditioner for your beard too.

The Ones That You Should Never Try No Matter What Your Face Shape is!

The photo of Brad Pitt is the reason why I insist on only stubble beards. If Brad Pitt couldn't pull it off, you can never pull it off. (The ugly truth)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Need some shopping ideas?

Need some shopping ideas?

Visit my PICT page to see detailed shopping list/ideas for guys guaranteed by a woman! :)

New Motto: Streets Better Than Runways!

I've read this statement on a blog and that just draw my attention. For the last one week I realized that this is one of a damn right point!
Street styles by real people are more colourful, cooler, and more real!
And most importantly much more fun!
So I gathered together some street style photos on internet. To be honest some photographs look like catalog shootings but no; they were real people on streets!

Share this post if you agree the statement too!

City streets deserve colour!
 The ones on the go: Busy guys in style
As you see streets love turns up! And bags... Men like bags.

 This guy is my fav! You don't have be young or a teenager to be stylish! :)
Loved the vest and loved the glasses!

The cool and colourful framed glasses become an essential accessory for guys!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

2 Guys, 2 Girls, Autumn, and Streets!

My friend B, me, and Vassilis
I always find the street style more exciting than runways. 
Because people stare at me as if I'm a stalker or something when they realize that I try to take their photos on street, you have to settle down with my male friend’s street look which I am allowed t take hundreds of photos! :)

Just because the weekend was sunny doesn’t mean that it’s not going to get cloudy and cold again. 
I am a person who gets cold easily and apparently so are my friends. I can also admit that I miss wearing winter outfits; warm, cosy, and soft.
On this post we –as women – took over the camera too! But just as decoration J The details are still about menswear.
You know my friend B very well now. He is a metrosexual playboy. He loves being stylish. And as a guest model we have my other friend Vassilis this time. He is a  stylish guy too but that day he joined us after gym so his style is sporty & comfy smart. J

This time Vassilis' style first! ( I am a good host) 

Apparently he likes American "apparel". So do I! 
Abercrombie & Fitch and Nike are my two favourite brands too. Especially the Abercrombie sweaters! 
I loved his Nike trainers too. Red and navy is a good couple!

And B's style...

We love men with winter accessories! The scarf is my favourite! 
Don't forget; statement scarves are very trendy this season!

It's B's winter essential: Moncler
On the left: The details of his jumper by Alexander McQueen. I really loved it. At first sight I thought it was Hugo Boss because of the style and the garment but McQueen surprised me. 

This photo has nothing to do with the post but I decided to post it because I really liked it! :) 
I think I took a good shot!
Place: Le Pain Quotidien  

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Friday, 4 October 2013

How To Look Cool with Braces?

How To Look Cool with braces? - Demo with one of the most popular photos on internet!

This look is one of the most popular men look on internet, especially on Pinterest & Tumblr!
This photo may be the reason why braces are on trend this season. Who knows!
Therefore I decided to create the same look for those who love it. I loved it!

If you like the look click here to shop!

How To Look Cool with Braces? 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

H&M menswear & Isabel Marant - LIKES and DISLIKES

After the collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, the Swedish retailer is gearing up for its next big collaboration with Isabel Marant.
30 pieces, Isabel Marant, the French designer who has become well-known amongst women for her elegant Parisian take on American sportswear and H&M menswear…  It has been leaked on H&M's Twitter feed. The collection features menswear - a first for the designer since she started her label in 1994. According to WWD , she has "no intention of adding men's wear to (her) workload" anytime soon. As Marant said this collection is a gift from her to H&M and the guys who love Marant designs. That means if you like Isabel Marant designs as a guy this might be your only chance. Isabel Marant x H&M launches on the 14 November.

She didn’t hesitate to display her authentic style (patterns)on menswear too. Suede boots, biker jeans, and chunky knits are the ones drawing attention.  Of course, there are plenty of cozy-looking T-shirts in the line too. Grey and black & white colours seem as the main colours of the collection. But there are bold designs too. While designing it, I thought of men of any age with a fast life and a desire to wear clothes that are comfortable but not obvious,” Marant said.

Here are my ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of the collection. 
PS: These are my personal ideas.

I can easily say that some of the looks are very cool for street looks and wearable but some are just for runways. To be honest I liked the women’s collection more…


Let's start with the 'LIKED' ones.
When the styling is good there is no way to dislike the pieces.
Coat – LIKED
Trousers – NO COMMENT.
Long sleeve shirt – VERY LIKED!

From left to right ->

The jumper is cool. Especially for the weekends and sporty looks. But the trousers… No baby, no way! DISLIKED!

On the second look the jumper that I really DISLIKED. It looks like the ones that guy’s mothers force them to wear on Xmas dinner because she knitted it. Trousers are LIKED here. Cool cut!

Everything is LIKED on the last look! In fact VERY LIKED! The first time I saw only the trousers  I was shocked and didn’t like but it look good in the look.
All the boots look good. They also look very comfy.

The trouser without styling. That means styling is everything!

 As we all know and memorized leather is on-trend this season.  
These 3 pieces are LIKED
But I have to say that if we speak about only the leather trouser it would be better if you wear them on a bike or at a night out. (Biker outfits are popular too) 
The shirt in the middle is a piece that you can easily wear and combine it with almost everything in any situation. So have one! 
The jumper is the one that needs to be careful about. It’s very trendy only if you use it right. (With black trousers instead one white and black coat)

Both scarves are VERY LIKED!

Scarves are one of my favourites in men accessories for winter. That’s why I’m happy that I will see statement scarves a lot this season! 
These ones look smart and expensive although they have very reasonable prices, £24.99. 

This trouser is LIKED
Great pick for those who are bored of jeans and chinos! 

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