Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Let's Go Outside with BEANIES! [Menswear Winter Essential]

I don’t even ask ‘Beanie or not beanie?’. It’s definitely YES BEANIE!
If diamonds are girls’ best friend, beanies are men’s best friends for WINTER! Besides; who doesn't find a guy wearing a beanie attractive???
This is the first reason why you should have one! And the second reason is that they look “cool” and keeps you “warm”. They complete an outfit by adding an effortless final touch no matter if it's a casual look or a formal look.

Men's knitwear is set to become a big trend for winter 2013. As much as statement scarves are on the rise, beanies are in the ‘Must Have’ list too!
As we all see on all magazines, slouchy beanies are celebrities' winter essentials.  

It’s also a fact that it’s easier for men to wear beanies and hats as they generally  have shorter hair than women. Even if they have long hair somehow men can style their hair a lot easier than us, women. 

So… With this advantage in addition to style, why wouldn't a guy use a beanie, right?

On the other hand when you have a bad hair day, just wear a beanie and leave the house!

They are affordable and small (doesn't take up too much room in your wardrobe ) I think you must have many beanies in many colours and in many styles for your winter wardrobe.

Here are a few that I picked for you.

PS: I can’t say which one is my favourite because I liked them all!

  1. Street Stripey Beanies @ Adidas, £11.00
  2. Religion Solidify Beanie @ jacamo.co.uk, £25.00
  3. Independent Front Men's Hat @ Amazon UK, £12.00
  4. Barbour Grasm Hunter Hat, Grey @ John Lewis, £44.95
  5. Propaganda Black Hat @ MenLook, £ 29.40 
  6. Pattern Beanie @ surfdome.com, £14.99

- (From left to right) Fair Isle Pom PomBeanie Hat in Navy, Twist Bobble Hat in Burgundy, Twist Bobble Hat in Black andGrey - £18.00 each, UrbanOutfitters
- (From left to right) New Era NY GiantsBobble Hat, New Era Pittsburgh Steelers Bobble Hat, New Era Chicago Bears BobbleHat - £18.00 each, UrbanOutfitters

Waffle Beanie (£10) Letterman Bobble (£10) from Next

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