Friday, 5 February 2016

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide ( For Him & For Her)

It’s a fact that gifts adds more than itself to memories. If you are a last minute person most probably your are in a big search for your significant other – and a bit panic. J
Even if you are in a long-term relationship, or just dating, or married it’s always hard to find that perfect gift. That’s why we are here for.
Just lean your back and have a look at our advices and list.

Before the list let’s a have a look at our options:

For Her:

It’s always easier to find a gift for a woman. But still… Here are some suggestions.
  1. No women can be unsatisfied with a diamond. Even if it’s not a diamonds you can get a fine bijoux. Remember: Diamonds are girls’ best friends!
  2. For sporty ones you can benefit the new high fashion gym clothes or be safe with a trendy sneakers. If you insist that it must be something with heart and related with love just tie the shoe laces in shape of heart. J
  3. Her perfume! Smells Ring Bells and trigger memories. In this case whenever she outs that perfume on she will remember you. Use this with another bottle of perfume that she uses.
  4. Shoes and bags are like diamonds for women. You can never go wrong with a pair of stiletto or a chloe bag!
  5. Buy a lingerie for Win-Win!

For Him:

It’s harder to find a gift for men but not impossible. If you are stuck go with a tech accessory!
  1. Sneakers are also a good choice for men. Yeezy boost is an option to consider.
  2. A trendy headphones or a smartphone – even better – a smart watch!
  3. For stylish men bracelets are perfect gifts. Watches are always no1 gift for men.
  4. His perfume!  You can also put some on yourself too!

List for her and for him: