Thursday, 26 January 2017

ACCESSORY GUIDE FOR MEN ( To Stylishly Stand Out!)

You can put on your jeans, jumper and coat; and leave the house in your casual and cool look but let me tell you something: It's all about details!

Either you prefer a minimal and classic look or a bold one, the last touch to you look can change everything. By the last touch I mean 'the accessories'. Plus your perfume of course :)

Here are the basic accessory list for men. They are now new or revolutionary but the items we pick are.

1. Backpacks
Functional and cool backpacks are life savers for men during a long and busy day. It doesn't have to be a sporty one either. In fact it shouldn't be - to be honest. Here are our favourite backpacks for 2017.

2. Bracelet
Sometimes - errr most of the time - it's all about details. A bracelet next to your watch has the power to turn your look into a more masculine one. Here are our favourite bracelets for men:

3. Watches
Watches are must-have accessory when it comes to men's fashion. Either it's an expensive one or a more casual cost-effective one you must wear one.

4. Belts
To have a complete a look belts are a must-have too. When it comes to belts make it as polished as you can. Here are the most favourite picks:

5. Headphones
Urban, cool and trendy. When music is on life is off but your look is not. Elevate your style with the coolest headphones. Here are the most popular ones:

6. Sunglasses
As we all know sunglasses are not just for summer. They are not to protect our sight from the sun, they are 'the coolest accessory' ever! Put your sunglasses on and get ready for the day. Lets do this! Here are the most popular models:

7. Necklace
This one can be tricky. Necklaces can be very cool if they are used in an appropriate way. You don't wanna seem as a seller :) When it comes to necklace, try the minimal design or the bohem ones.