Friday, 28 November 2014

Leather Jacket Rules for 2014-15!

No men’s wardrobe is complete without at least 2 leather jackets. It’s not a question of age or size. It is a MUST! Why? Because it’s a wardrobe heritage that will never go out of fashion! It’s a big trend since 1950s.
Besides it’s so equal to biker and bad boy/though guy look, which is always the biggest attraction for women; and also guys.
Leather is sexy. Leather is quality. Leather is a man essential…
Leather jackets has always been considered to be among menswear’s greatest staples.
After saying many good things about leather I have to add that leather trousers are not as welcomed as jackets. In fact don’t wear them at all.

As I mentioned that leather jackets are in fashion since 1950s it’s tricky to keep the style updated which means that the cut of the jacket is crucial.
  1. No aviator cut
  2. Bomber style is the best!
  3. Biker jacket always cool!
  4. Coloured leather jackets are bold and trendy.
  5. No leather jackets with faux furs anywhere.

There are many ways that you can rock your leather jackets in the most trendy way. 
  • Backpacks are one of the ways for an urban street look.
  • Opting for a brown leather jacket is an easy way to lend vintage-inspired design.
  • Trainers or cool biker boots would be the clever choices with your leather jacket.
  • Beanies. It’s not just with leather jackets. Always wear a beanie in winter. That’s what cool guys do. :)
  • Combine it with your office look. It looks really good.  (You can see how it is done by Benjamin Eidem)

Benjamin Eidem lensed by Laclan Bailey
for the FW13 campaign of Boss Orange.

Here are my favorites for men's leather jackets for 2014-15:

ETO Jeans UK

Thursday, 20 November 2014

TOP 10 | Winter Wishlist 2014

TOP 10 | Winter Wishlist
Moncler, Paul Smith, Julius, Alexander McQueen


When the weather gets colder it only gives us more reasons to shop :)

If you've already got your winter wardrobe mapped out, that doesn’t change anything. You will still need more clothes! If you don't, that’s better… Here is my top 10 A.K.A wishlist for colder-weather trends.

The Summary of the list

  • Moncler is a must during winter. keeps you cold and polished!
  • Miansai is always my favourite for whole years. You don't have to wait for a specific season. 
  • Paul Smith is one of my favorite brands for menswear. 
  • Neil Barret - no need to comment on this. It rocks!
  • Alexander McQueen is the queen of patterns and you ghouls use some cool patterns for your winter look to stay in style. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Winter Calling | Time to layer up! (Including a giveaway - $50 gift cards !)

I have always been a layering fan when it comes to men’s fashion. Therefore I think winter is a great style opportunity. But it’s not and never should be just throwing on as many clothes as you can. Layering style is an art!

Layering is alls about being versatile which gives you an opportunity to mix up. The ones you should have are:

- Shirt or T-Shirt
- Cardigan
- Blazer
- Vest
- Jumper (only in some cases).

In a daily look you can always use a t-shirt and a cardigan with a shirt inside for a classic layering look during the day. But when it comes to office style or a gents look my advice would be a vest and a blazer which gives you the look of a catch with a sharp and effortless style.

PS: To be honest I can easily say that men’s vests are kind of a turn on for women. 


Simon Baker is the first name that I can think about for vests. Justin Timberlake and David Beckham are the other runner ups who make the vests work as the coolest edgy style!

That also shows us that you don’t have to wear a tie every time you go with a vest. Rolled up sleeves are a must though…

If you are new to vests try to go with the colour grey. This is the safest choice. √ But you can always be more bold and go with Nick Wooster's style too...

Nick Wooster, FW Street Style
Paris FW SS15 Street Style: Veronika Heilbrunner and Justin O'Shea.


The best way to have this winter’s sharp and cool look is a giveaway for 4 winners each getting a $50 gift cards who will be picked at random among the ones who write their favorite item from under this post as a comment by 3rd November, 2014 at 8 pm.

UPDATE: Because of a technical problem with for those who can't see the comment section, they can comment under the post on Facebook, reply on Twitter with mentions @TrendHimUk and @EastDane or on Google+.  The comments on this platforms will be accepted. Sorry for the inconvenient. 

This giveaway is a partnership with Nak Online Branding, with a prize of an East Dane gift certificate.

(East Dane, launched in 2013 as the brother site to, serves up heritage brands and new names to men who are more interested in style than trends—who understand that dressing well comes from a combination of confidence and quality construction.) 

For your other wardrobe essentials here is another tip ---  50% OFF Mens. :)

Good Luck!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

From Flowers to Signs - Pattern Shirts for This Summer!

Short sleeved shirts are some kind of savior for summer. It's almost impossible to go wrong with them. You can wear them with bermudas or jeans.
One of the key trend for 2014 summer is going patterned which I think it's very fun! :)
There is an infinite amount of patterns to choose; from hawaiian flowers to Egyptian sign; geometrics to polka dots.
I have picked my favourites. You can pick yours out of these numbers.

From Flowers to Signs - Pattern Shirts for This Summer!
Asos, Topman, Lightning Bolt, Duchamp

Asos Shirt In Short Sleeve With Hand-drawn Flower Print - Navy £22

Topman Burgundy And White Floral Short Sleeve Shirt £25

Lightning Bolt Tropical Garden Aloha Shirt £90 £55

Saturdays Surf NYC Esquina Printed Button-Down Collar Cotton-Poplin Shirt £100

Duchamp Black Tailored, Paisley Print Shirt £165 £115.50

Campia Short Sleeve Solid Tonal Leaf Print Shirt £32.21 £14.31

Topman Tropical Print Denim Shirt £28

Picks from SS15 Menswear Collections!

DSquared2 SS15 
NO 21 SS15

Diesel Black Gold SS15

Bally SS15

Belstaff SS15

Marc Jacobs SS15

Tods SS15