Friday, 11 October 2013

Men’s Grooming: How To Find The Perfect Beard Style?

Style is not just about clothes & accessories. It’s about how you look including facial and self-care.
As I have mentioned many times before, beard is a must for guys. Women love them! Trust me!
But not the ones like Santa; go for a stubble one! (Woman advice)
Beards have a magical power to turn a baby face into an attractive bad guy look.
So… Here are some beard shapes that you can find the perfect one for yourself. Before you grow a beard, it is best to find the right beard style for your face.

How to choose the right beard shape for yourself depends on only one factor: The shape of your face.

The Round Face
If you have a round face, go a bit longer at the chin to add length to your face. That will make your face look less round and more oval-shaped. Keep the sides of the beard short. Eg: Kenya West!

The Long Face
What you do for round face, now do exactly the opposite! Such as shorter at the chin but fuller at the sides. Eg: Dane Cook

The Square Face
This one is like the round face. You should opt for styles that make your  face appear more slender. You would want to make your face longer so one more time; shorter at the sides and longer at the chin. Eg: David Beckham!

The Triangle Face:
That means you have a pointed chin. Grow some chin hair. Your beard must look like a smiley face; add weight along the jawline and the chin. Eg: Ryan Gosling

The Oval Face
Those with oval faces are luckier than the others when it comes to beards. You can have whatever beard shape you like.

( It may seem like a geometry class but it’s not J )

MUST DO LIST while growing a beard:

  1. Choose your style carefully
  2. Keep it groomed and avoid an uneven finish.
  3. Don’t forget to let your skin breath once in a while.
  4. Moisturise!
  5. Use conditioner for your beard too.

The Ones That You Should Never Try No Matter What Your Face Shape is!

The photo of Brad Pitt is the reason why I insist on only stubble beards. If Brad Pitt couldn't pull it off, you can never pull it off. (The ugly truth)

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