Thursday, 10 October 2013

New Motto: Streets Better Than Runways!

I've read this statement on a blog and that just draw my attention. For the last one week I realized that this is one of a damn right point!
Street styles by real people are more colourful, cooler, and more real!
And most importantly much more fun!
So I gathered together some street style photos on internet. To be honest some photographs look like catalog shootings but no; they were real people on streets!

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City streets deserve colour!
 The ones on the go: Busy guys in style
As you see streets love turns up! And bags... Men like bags.

 This guy is my fav! You don't have be young or a teenager to be stylish! :)
Loved the vest and loved the glasses!

The cool and colourful framed glasses become an essential accessory for guys!

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