Friday, 30 August 2013

What's Your Outfit Today?

Saw it - Liked it - Blogged it
Sunglasses: Oakley
Watch: Atop Watches - AtopTimeZone UK
Bermuda: Calvin Klein
T-shirt: Beams – Art for Everyday (Japanese brand)
Trainers: Superga

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fall Trends Alert! Is your wardrobe ready for Fall-Winter 2013?

For the full shopping list please click the photo or visit:

Is your wardrobe ready for winter?
Sooner or later you will find yourself at a point that you must do shopping for winter wardrobe. Don't miss the trends!
Here is a winter shopping list for men from scarves to jackets and jumpers to hats including budget outfits & designers. All picked for you! (Prices are $, £ and €) 
Welcome to my e-mall! :) 

For the full shopping list please click the photo or visit:

All Saints LookBook / Menswear

Oh baby, I love you! :)
All Saints’ new collection with a clean and trendy look for FW2013 has just mesmerized me for winter!   

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Going Stubble - tempting and hot!

Ok. Here is the thing. We- women- LOVE stubble. But the keyword here is “stubble” not “full”.
Somehow it makes men sexy and more attractive. We also love the feeling of it.
Let’s face it! The clean shaven is “old” and not very welcomed when it comes being in trend.
Apparently according to the news the quality of the beard you grow becomes a marker of masculinity, out there on display to the world. So this might be one of the reasons. But ‘giving a bad boy look’ might be a stronger reason. J

However I was really surprised when I read the news in today's - in the past 5 years the number of men getting beard "hair plugs" has sextupled, with 4,500 procedures performed last year alone. According to the same news number of men opting for 'transplants' up six-fold in past 5 years!

Let's start with good and tempting examples;
If George Clooney, BradleyCooper, Jude Law and Ryan Gosling (as the best stubble looks ever) have it, there is no harm to give it a shot at least. But try to look rough not haggard…

I think I don’t have to tell you how you should shave or what products you should use. You are an adult men. You should know. J

But you can get inspired by one of these looks!


Monday, 26 August 2013

Leather Is A New Trend To Watch Out For!

Bottega Veneta

When somebody mentions about leather trousers I always remember "Friends" episode with Ross' epic leather trousers fail, and somehow they come back!
Leather is a big trend to watch out for.
I have always been a big fan of the leather gloves, bracelets and jackets but I have never felt warm about leather trousers for men. I think men should wear leather only as jackets & accessories; not as trousers.
But trend is a trend. My opinion vs designer’s opinion… Ralph Lauren, Dsquared2 and Calvin Klein were huge advocates of this trend including the trousers and UI have to admit that they look good on stage.
I have blogged about Belstaff’s new campaign as “Moto-Inspired” like a month ago which includes many great leather biker jackets. But now it’s a street style no matter if you are a biker or not. 
Tough-guy image always works! 

It doesn’t have to black anymore. An easy way to make an appearance among all the trendhunters is to utilise colours.

I just wonder if any of you considers to try this new trend… I think you should!

I picked out some great leather jackets and accessories for you. Please check out:

I picked out some great leather jackets and accessories for you. Please check out:
or click the photo

Adventurer Guys - Look of The Day

T-Shirt: Scotch & Soda 
Sunglasses: H&M
Trainers: Adidas x Ransom
Watch: Nixon

 Hunter Knife: Le Thiers
Lighter: Zippo

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Weekend Shopping - Find your style from designers under £50!

Find your style from designers under £50! - 21 products that will help your look!

Shop the Look HERE

HEAT UP THE STYLE: From Turn Ups to Turn On(s)!

As a woman I have to admit that some styles are such a turn on. Turn ups are one of them. They are sophisticated metropolitan styles.
Plus; perfect to show off the shoes! Flashing ankle peps up a boring shirt/jumper/T-shirt/hoodie without that much effort.
It’s not just me! 'Revealing the ankle can be sexy,' said a good-humoured Giorgio Armani after a runway show.

Prada Ready to Wear AW 2013 at Milan

And according to the article published on the Guardian; designers in Milan and London are also backing the short trouser look, from Alexander McQueen (worn with pinstripe socks and brogue-slippers), to Prada (no socks), Kenzo (worn with ski-boots) to Tom Ford (worn with socks and formal shoes). 

We all saw this trend last year on runways. Now it's time to act on it! :)

Here are some turned up style that can inspire you!

You can check out some turn ups models by designers. Click here.

Turn ups are the best way to make your look stylish & trendy!

Friday, 23 August 2013

For the weekend: COOL CASUAL


Jack Spade - Cotton Henley
French Connection - Milk Long Sleeve Henley
Asos - Slim Chino 

To shop the look click --->

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Style @ Country Club

I was dreaming about a lazy Sunday at home but somehow I found my self in a horse jumping show at a Country Club at 9 am.
To be honest it was fun and full of adrenalin. 
While I was watching the show I was also watching the people around too. The audiences were  stylish as much as the riders. In a casual way... 

There are many colourful styles as you can see in the photos but white t-shirt and bermudas were the stars of the day. In addition white is used with colourful outfits. White t-shirt with mustard coloured bermuda or white trousers with green polo t-shirts. Colourful shoes are the ones that I liked most.

Appereantly ATVs are quite popular in country side. 

Enjoy the ride. :)

Rider in white, horse in blue :)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

An Emerging Designer: Andy Imbrechts – from illustration to runways

Andy Imbrechts, 26 years old, an emerging designer who lives in Belgium.
Meet 26 years old Andy Imbrechts, an emerging designer who lives in Leuven, Belgium. He has studied the history of fashion, styling later on in Antwerp and then fashion design at Sask. He learned sewing from his mom at a young age. So I guess it was something that has always been in him. “I always felt the need to do something with it” says the designer.
Becoming a designer was something that he had never had to decide. “It sort of grew on me” says Imbrechts. He states that he has always been interested in art and beauty. One of his favorite artists is Andy Warhol. He has also studied art in high school.

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts
His passion is illustration. Drawing has always been a big passion of the designer from a very young age and he puts his passion in his collections as you can see; the bright colours and prints. He uses his own childhood drawings as starting point for the collection but translates in prints.

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts

As I see he likes feminine look on men. According to the designer his collections are for androgynous men, who are not afraid to dare and want to be noticed: long printed shirts, sandals, over-sized jackets and skinny pants are the central theme of this collection. “Imbrechts’ men wear the art” says Andy.

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts

The man he sees in his collections is a dandy gentleman who loves colour and who loves to dress up and likes to get crazy with it.
He says that he is inspired by the people around him. It can be his friends or just people he sees on the street. The dandy and the man in suit are also a big inspiration. He is a big fan of Dries Van Noten when it comes to designers.

His collections made me remember the 80′s/90′s mood. For 2014, he says that he would love to see more suits, more colour, and more prints.

Personally I found them cheerful and fun. 

To visit his website: