Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Going Stubble - tempting and hot!

Ok. Here is the thing. We- women- LOVE stubble. But the keyword here is “stubble” not “full”.
Somehow it makes men sexy and more attractive. We also love the feeling of it.
Let’s face it! The clean shaven is “old” and not very welcomed when it comes being in trend.
Apparently according to the news the quality of the beard you grow becomes a marker of masculinity, out there on display to the world. So this might be one of the reasons. But ‘giving a bad boy look’ might be a stronger reason. J

However I was really surprised when I read the news in today's DailyMail.co.uk - in the past 5 years the number of men getting beard "hair plugs" has sextupled, with 4,500 procedures performed last year alone. According to the same news number of men opting for 'transplants' up six-fold in past 5 years!

Let's start with good and tempting examples;
If George Clooney, BradleyCooper, Jude Law and Ryan Gosling (as the best stubble looks ever) have it, there is no harm to give it a shot at least. But try to look rough not haggard…

I think I don’t have to tell you how you should shave or what products you should use. You are an adult men. You should know. J

But you can get inspired by one of these looks!


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