Wednesday, 7 August 2013

THE question: What To Wear & How To Wear At Weddings

At some point this year you will be invited to a wedding. This is like a rule of summer. Maybe you'll go as a guest or a groomsman, who knows? In any case, you have to dress up and look sharp.
Like most dress codes these days, wedding styles have gone slack. As long as you really bring it you can wear anything unless it’s a t-shirt on a bermuda shorts. And no sandals.

  • You have license to go with stubble beard even if your are the groom. 
  • Black tie doesn't even have to be black anymore, and the guests can afford to gamble a bit with their ties.
  • When it comes to shirts you get to play around a lot more in terms of colours as a guest. The key is to find a shirt that fits properly. 

Here are some photographed looks for magazines:

And here are some looks from the weddings I’ve attended:

Tuxedo: Imperial
Belt: Chanel
Shoes: Redwood
To shop the look click here

Let's not forget the pocket square folds

Tuxedo on the left: Armani

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