Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Style @ Country Club

I was dreaming about a lazy Sunday at home but somehow I found my self in a horse jumping show at a Country Club at 9 am.
To be honest it was fun and full of adrenalin. 
While I was watching the show I was also watching the people around too. The audiences were  stylish as much as the riders. In a casual way... 

There are many colourful styles as you can see in the photos but white t-shirt and bermudas were the stars of the day. In addition white is used with colourful outfits. White t-shirt with mustard coloured bermuda or white trousers with green polo t-shirts. Colourful shoes are the ones that I liked most.

Appereantly ATVs are quite popular in country side. 

Enjoy the ride. :)

Rider in white, horse in blue :)

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