Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Top 7 Men's Grooming Products For 2018 Summer

Most probably you have seen or heard so many grooming products that it makes it difficult to choose the best ones.
As a general opinion men don’t take care of their “beauty” as most women do but you know what... You should! :) If you you like or want to take care of your face and yourself here is the guide that we put all the best advices from real people together. Either you have a beard, moustache or not, nor you want to spend money or not, don't forget to check this post.

PS: The cosmetic and beauty products may effect different to everyone. We recommend you to simply take these suggestions under your consideration and try them in small amounts to see which one fits you best. 
 **** Secondly, as a woman I can easily say that men who take care themselves are more attractive to us. No need to mention how hot it is to watch them shave their face. :) 

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1. Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 AntiAging Cream 

Men mostly say that they have noticed their skin feels smoother with this product. You need to create a routine to see the real effect though... 

2. Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush 

If you are cool enough to pull off a beard, make sure you have a way to tame it. The Beard Oil Brush from Can You Handlebar is compact, comes in a sleek tin case and does a great job of controlling those whiskers. 

3. Panasonic ER-GB40 Beard Trimmer 

It is a wet/dry trimmer. Compact, durable and the rubber outer casing makes it easy to hold. 

4. Big boy grooming products 

Big Boy have created a range of artisan beard products that will hydrate, soften and moisturise your skin while keeping those whiskers under control. Not only are the products free-from sulphates, sodium and parabens, but all the products are cruelty free and manufactured in an environment where no animals, plants or humans are harmed. They have skin care, non-greasy Beard Balm, and Moustache Wax products which are mostly recommended by many men. 

5. Kerstin Florian MEN Clarifying Exfoliating Scrub (Men's Health Magazine recommended) 

To tackle the dirt and oil that can get trapped in your pores, you need to add an exfoliating scrub like this one to your regimen. It includes everything including jojoba beads, seeds, chamomile extract to soothe, and geranium oil for antibacterial benefits. Not only is it good for your skin but it also helps you get a better shave so you’ll always look sharp. 

6. Harry's Face Lotion 

Most of men forget to apply sunscreen every day but it’s truly essential. This mineral SPF face lotion moisturises and protects against the most harmful UVB/UVA rays. It hydrates your skin but will feel so light on your face that you’ll actually forget that you’re wearing it until you look in the mirror and realize how much better your skin looks. 

7. Tom Ford Skincare products 

Of course. We would never end this article without mentioning Tom Ford. The actual bathroom products are as luxurious as you would expect from the brand Tom Ford, with a purifying Face Cleanser, Mud Mask and intensely hydrating daily moisturiser. They also have different sizes that are ideal for travel or to give them a try. The Tom Ford grooming range also includes the more expected staples such as moisturiser, cleanser, serum and an eye treatment.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Spring Summer 2018 Trends for Men (SS 18 Guide)

Photo from @ itboytrends

It's July now. The official summer is here! It's time to get speed up for new shoppings and refresh your wardrobe.
Take your favourite elements of these trends and blend them with your existing wardrobe to create a look that feels fresh and comfortable. Here are some headline for SS18 Menswear Trends:

1. The Eighties and Nineties 

This season, the catwalks continued with The Eighties and Nineties (once again) - loosen up, with wide-leg trousers and slouchy tailoring, baggy cargo trousers, matching indigo double denim etc.

2. Blush rose 

Blush rose - not pink - is in the arena again once the temperature seems to get high. We recommend you to be careful about the tone of this colour and the look you create if you like masculine look more.

3. Striped trousers

Somehow striped trousers are kind of a trend for this summer. If you really really want a striped trousers we advice you to wear it with a linen shirt for a fresh summer look but we are nor sure if we are a fan of it or not.

4. Two pocket shirts 

Two pocket shirts are a rising trend too. We recommend a summer-friendly fabric and don't forget to roll up the sleeves.