Friday, 15 July 2016

BEST 7 LOOKS FOR THIS SUMMER that you can try without passing out from heat exhaustion!

Photo: H&M

We see stuffs around and we buy them. But the important thing is how to combine them. Although we prefer to take off our clothes because of the tremendous hot weather, let’s see what to put on just to have a common sense not being naked in public.

Besides the time your are at the beach or swimming you have to dress in some level. Here’s to looking on point, without passing out.

1. Shirt + Tailored Shorts

Either you prefer to roll your long sleeves or go directly to a short sleeve one, pairing them with shorts surefire way to stay smart and cool - literally.  This combo lets you look stylish during lunch, weekend or evening. This is a tried-and-trusted summer look.

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2. Breton Shirt + Navy/White Shorts

Stripes never get old. Also the colour navy! Marine look for summer is an easy way to pull off a cool look. Bretton shirt with white shorts or navy shorts… Doesn’t matter. Trust your instincts.  

Photo: Zara Men

3. Floral Shirt + Shorts

This one may be tricky. Without looking like a first time Hawaii traveller, you can still pull off this look int he city on weekends or at a pool party. If you wear a floral short keep your shorts’ colour on mute. 

Photo: Scoth & Soda


4. Or go the other way around. Simple T-Shirt + Printed Shorts

This is easier. Striped, polka dot, floral, graphic print…. Shorts can take them all! Combine it with a simple, cool t-shirt and also your most comfortable sandals 

5. Polo Shirt + Tailored Trousers

If you have to wear trousers in some level, pair them with polo shirts and roll your trouser cuffs. Combine them with loafers or boat shoes There you go; all set up for a summer weekday in a casual-smart look.

6. Printed T-Shirt + Denim Shorts

If you wear denim shorts it’s always easy to pair them with shirts and t-shirts. You can let yourself free here. War whatever you want. It won’t go wrong anyway.


7. Fedora hats

Not everyone can pull off a accessorized look but when it’s done right, it looks very cool! Fedora hats are both useful and stylish. It’s just about finding the right one and pairing them good. For example, if you wear a printed or floral shirt don’t accessorize yourself. If you wear a fedora hat go simple with your look. Only one star item at a time.

Here are the DON’Ts of this summer

1. Never, but never wear shorter shorts.
2. Vests like t-shirts are just for beaches and sporty activities. Not good for a city look. Except this. This one is good.