Wednesday, 10 January 2018

READY ON BOARD! (What to wear on ski holiday?)

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Yes, mountains calling!
Ready to hit the slopes? One of the coolest sport in the coldest weather with the hottest style! 
While you are testing the powder, be sure that you are testing it in style. Snowboarding might be a very cool sport to do with the speed and the movements but little help with the style wouldn't hurt. 
From military and urban styling to moody earth tones to the comeback of the anorak, 2018 season is swagger-heavy.
PS: Ripzone, Quicksilver, Rossignol, Burton, Moncler, and Phenix among the popular snowboarding/skiing garment manufacturers.

So… Ready, set, go!

Starting with details: Goggles
Ski jackets and trousers are a ‘must’ and mostly similar to each other. Yet the accessories will give you the difference you need. The most attractive glasses on the slopes right now. Here are our favourites:

Safety first. But being safe doesn’t mean being dull. Be bold while choosing your helmet. Here are our favourites:

GoPro Cameras
When you are the sharpest guy on the globe, make sure it is recorded!

Sunglasses are the must-have accessories for 12 months a year. Here are our favourites:

Ski Jackets and Trouser 
We have already said that ski jackets and trousers are similar to each other; it’s always up to you to take step forward. Make sure they fit and makes you the coolest way you are. Here are our favourites:

Also; here's the checklist of what to wear underneath:

  • Vest or jacket (usually fleece) 
  • Turtleneck 
  • Wool sweater (can also be wool blended with another fabric) 
  • Long johns Ski socks