Saturday, 24 August 2013

HEAT UP THE STYLE: From Turn Ups to Turn On(s)!

As a woman I have to admit that some styles are such a turn on. Turn ups are one of them. They are sophisticated metropolitan styles.
Plus; perfect to show off the shoes! Flashing ankle peps up a boring shirt/jumper/T-shirt/hoodie without that much effort.
It’s not just me! 'Revealing the ankle can be sexy,' said a good-humoured Giorgio Armani after a runway show.

Prada Ready to Wear AW 2013 at Milan

And according to the article published on the Guardian; designers in Milan and London are also backing the short trouser look, from Alexander McQueen (worn with pinstripe socks and brogue-slippers), to Prada (no socks), Kenzo (worn with ski-boots) to Tom Ford (worn with socks and formal shoes). 

We all saw this trend last year on runways. Now it's time to act on it! :)

Here are some turned up style that can inspire you!

You can check out some turn ups models by designers. Click here.

Turn ups are the best way to make your look stylish & trendy!

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