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An Emerging Designer: Andy Imbrechts – from illustration to runways

Andy Imbrechts, 26 years old, an emerging designer who lives in Belgium.
Meet 26 years old Andy Imbrechts, an emerging designer who lives in Leuven, Belgium. He has studied the history of fashion, styling later on in Antwerp and then fashion design at Sask. He learned sewing from his mom at a young age. So I guess it was something that has always been in him. “I always felt the need to do something with it” says the designer.
Becoming a designer was something that he had never had to decide. “It sort of grew on me” says Imbrechts. He states that he has always been interested in art and beauty. One of his favorite artists is Andy Warhol. He has also studied art in high school.

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts
His passion is illustration. Drawing has always been a big passion of the designer from a very young age and he puts his passion in his collections as you can see; the bright colours and prints. He uses his own childhood drawings as starting point for the collection but translates in prints.

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts

As I see he likes feminine look on men. According to the designer his collections are for androgynous men, who are not afraid to dare and want to be noticed: long printed shirts, sandals, over-sized jackets and skinny pants are the central theme of this collection. “Imbrechts’ men wear the art” says Andy.

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts

Wonders by Andy Imbrechts

The man he sees in his collections is a dandy gentleman who loves colour and who loves to dress up and likes to get crazy with it.
He says that he is inspired by the people around him. It can be his friends or just people he sees on the street. The dandy and the man in suit are also a big inspiration. He is a big fan of Dries Van Noten when it comes to designers.

His collections made me remember the 80′s/90′s mood. For 2014, he says that he would love to see more suits, more colour, and more prints.

Personally I found them cheerful and fun. 

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