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H&M menswear & Isabel Marant - LIKES and DISLIKES

After the collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, the Swedish retailer is gearing up for its next big collaboration with Isabel Marant.
30 pieces, Isabel Marant, the French designer who has become well-known amongst women for her elegant Parisian take on American sportswear and H&M menswear…  It has been leaked on H&M's Twitter feed. The collection features menswear - a first for the designer since she started her label in 1994. According to WWD , she has "no intention of adding men's wear to (her) workload" anytime soon. As Marant said this collection is a gift from her to H&M and the guys who love Marant designs. That means if you like Isabel Marant designs as a guy this might be your only chance. Isabel Marant x H&M launches on the 14 November.

She didn’t hesitate to display her authentic style (patterns)on menswear too. Suede boots, biker jeans, and chunky knits are the ones drawing attention.  Of course, there are plenty of cozy-looking T-shirts in the line too. Grey and black & white colours seem as the main colours of the collection. But there are bold designs too. While designing it, I thought of men of any age with a fast life and a desire to wear clothes that are comfortable but not obvious,” Marant said.

Here are my ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of the collection. 
PS: These are my personal ideas.

I can easily say that some of the looks are very cool for street looks and wearable but some are just for runways. To be honest I liked the women’s collection more…


Let's start with the 'LIKED' ones.
When the styling is good there is no way to dislike the pieces.
Coat – LIKED
Trousers – NO COMMENT.
Long sleeve shirt – VERY LIKED!

From left to right ->

The jumper is cool. Especially for the weekends and sporty looks. But the trousers… No baby, no way! DISLIKED!

On the second look the jumper that I really DISLIKED. It looks like the ones that guy’s mothers force them to wear on Xmas dinner because she knitted it. Trousers are LIKED here. Cool cut!

Everything is LIKED on the last look! In fact VERY LIKED! The first time I saw only the trousers  I was shocked and didn’t like but it look good in the look.
All the boots look good. They also look very comfy.

The trouser without styling. That means styling is everything!

 As we all know and memorized leather is on-trend this season.  
These 3 pieces are LIKED
But I have to say that if we speak about only the leather trouser it would be better if you wear them on a bike or at a night out. (Biker outfits are popular too) 
The shirt in the middle is a piece that you can easily wear and combine it with almost everything in any situation. So have one! 
The jumper is the one that needs to be careful about. It’s very trendy only if you use it right. (With black trousers instead one white and black coat)

Both scarves are VERY LIKED!

Scarves are one of my favourites in men accessories for winter. That’s why I’m happy that I will see statement scarves a lot this season! 
These ones look smart and expensive although they have very reasonable prices, £24.99. 

This trouser is LIKED
Great pick for those who are bored of jeans and chinos! 

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