Saturday, 31 October 2015

Between A Man and His Suit: The underwear effect √ 

Yes… It’s the underwear. 
You might be very stylish and cool with your outfit but what happens when the time comes to take them off?  You might get ‘I’m hot’ ready for your date night but are you ready for the next level? (It might not be the same night but still… J ) 

Or let’s be more well-behaved… Finding the perfect undershirt and boxer or else can change your mood in daily rush! No need for adjustments is one of the best reason! 

I have received an e-mail from presenting their products which made me think: We – women – have tremendous options when it comes to underwear but men… They don’t. So let’s make a point about that! Men are no longer buying their underwear in cheap value packs, or letting someone else make the purchase for them.

Here is the scene you can think about: You start a relationship. You become getting comfortable in the same house, chilling, relaxing, and watching TV etc… (Don’t get too relaxed!) It’s a common behaviour that neither you guys nor us women like to be at home with our ready-to-go outfits. We all want to be with our underwear or cozy lazy wear. There are many options for women from cutie panties to sexy knickers and laces… What about men? 
There are not so many quality products for men’s underwear besides some luxury labels that we all know. Now you can have more options. Check

They also have special products in their ‘Support the balls’ sections, which they aim to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. Well-done guys!

Men are stepping up to say they care about comfort and support, and they don't mind spending a little extra for quality. They should have never mind it! :) √ 

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