Saturday, 31 October 2015

Stepping into wet shaving!

There are certain things that symbolize a gentleman in mind. Cigar, whiskey, shaving brush... (And a watch, always a watch! :p )

I do like traditional things. Wet shaving is one of them. First of all it’s ad-smart sexy!
Men think women doing make-up or putting a lipstick on may be sexy and we – women – think men shaving – wet shaving – are hot! It’s also a great way to have fun by putting the shaving lather on your girlfriend’s nose & chasing each other. I know it is kind of advertising scene but it’s true; and it’s fun; and it’s sexy. It might be something like this:

While running an electric shaver over your face is quick and convenient but ‘real men’ do ‘real shaving’. Just kidding. I’m not a chauvinist or sexist but the truth will set you free! Plus, according to the men I talk to wet shaving looks better, feels smoother and also rehabilitates with the ritual including a brush, a bowl and a foam. Everything about wet shaving is stylish and cool. It might be a little bit dangerous though…

To avoid being cut follow these steps:

  1. Prep your skin carefully. Your skin must be as moisturized as you can before you use the razor. Take your time. Don’t rush. 
  2. Use a high quality product. We recommend creams instead of soap but it’s a matter of choice. Maca Root Shave Cream is one of the poroducts you may want to try. It softens bristles and improves razor glide for a close. 
  3. The brush is the other thing you should be selective. The Wooden Shaving Brush from The Body Shop is highly recommended. 
  4. The golden rule of wet shaving is let the razor do the work for you. If you find yourself fighting with it you’ve probably picked the wrong one. While many men naturally think that pressing harder gives a closer shave, all they’ll end up with is nicks, cuts and a million little pieces of paper stuck to their face.
  5. Before starting you first wet shaving take a few hours and watch a professional. It won’t kill you but provide you from several cuts and a bad experience. 
  6. Always but always use a quality aftershave and be generous about it. Also use a daily moisturizer.

After all of these instructions if you are still not into wet shaving then check out our 'Going Stubble' post! :) Click here

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