Saturday, 2 November 2013

TREND ALERT: Knitwear [What to, How to, Where to]

Since we waved goodbye to summer longtime ago, we all have to find a way to be happy with winter. Yet, fashion is a great way to do so!
Look at it this way; it’s cosy, comfortable, soft and stylish if you dress up right, and an easy way to hide your bulging and floppy stomach! :)
For winter 2013/14 Knitwearis the second trend right after the leather trend!
The past few years have seen designers take a deep interest in Knitwear and regenerate the mother’s knit! It’s a versatile and effortlessly stylish trend.

There are some keys to this trend too:
  • The Roll Neck. Roll necks come in many styles. Although I’m not a fan of roll necks for men, I like the loose ones / heavy gauge. So I can easily recommend this style for AW2013/14. 

MY FAVOURITE: Colour blocking // Maison Martin Margiela Autumn 2013
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  • Chunky Cardigans. They are comfortable and on trend. Chunky cardigans are also essentials for a scholar look. Perfect for layering over the top of your shirt or a way to go with a tie for a formal but stylish look. So they are your winter go-to. 
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  • Cashmere. And elegant piece of wardrobe. You don't have to see a look with cashmere. You have to feel it. So have one and enjoy! :)

  • Statement Knit. Express yourself this winter with bold and eye-catching statement knit! They are on trend, and fun. One of my favourites in meswear for this season.

Runway Look
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  • Colourful Knit. Another stand out option for this winter... Colours are not all about summer. Remember what we have agreed on in the beginning of this post? "We all have to find a way to be happy with winter!" Colourful knitwear will be right up your street.

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