Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tips To Choose A Long Coat

I thought it would be a smart thing to start with a Tom Ford long coat photo. Because this coat make you want to have one like this even though you don't like long coats at all!
I like long coats on men - especially for formal outfit - if they don't look like Blade, the vampire slayer :) 
So... How long is too long?

(In this post you can also find great long coats from the best designers, and also great ones under £ 150. Scroll down to see the suggestions)

  • First rule is: Make sure that your long coat is at mid-thigh. It shouldn’t touch the ground. Especially if you’re a short guy. In fact if you are shorter than average try the ones that are on the level of just under your hips.
  • Second rule: This is the only outfit that I don't recommend you to go colourful. Patterns are ok but not a bright solid colour!

A top trend for this season, the long coat is not to be chosen lightly. For the ideal length with details that make all the difference, The MenLookTribune revisits the most important points to keep in mind.

For Autumn-Winter 2013, it will literally invade the podiums of the major clothing stores: the long coat, which brings chic and nobility, but in reverse, finds itself as one of the top favorites of men’s fashion trends for the season. Ideal to cover you in the coldest temperatures, it remains a large investment – if not a primordial one – for this winter. But durable usage means choosing a coat with attention to the tiniest details for fear of needing to change it after one month.


The long coat of the contemporary man doesn’t touch the ground – far from it – the majority will wear the long coat at mid-thigh. At this length, the shortest of us won’t have any risk of seeing their silhouette minimized, and the tallest will see their silhouette enhanced without much effort.


A long coat means warmth, but also lets the body breathe: to fulfill these conditions, natural materials like wool and cashmere are supposed to be the best possible options. For those who are more sensitive, add to the mix a collar or fur lining, ideal for remaining warm, or even add a quilted vest under your long coat.


Once the length and fabric conditions are met, the choices still remain vast: in order to differentiate, the brands don’t lack imagination in creating the long coat unique to their genre, distinguishing themselves with subtle details which make all the difference. A few of the accents really hit the mark: the oversized collared coat, the twin fabric coat, and the camel remain the main victors of the season.

From Designers

DSquared Grey Gilet with Fur Collar, £ 1,469.16 | J.CREW Ludlow topcoat in wool-cashmere, £450 
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Sam Sweater Blue Striped Coat £ 550.20

HUGO BOSS Woollen Cashmere Overcoat with Zip Fastening 
CLOSED, Bolder Oversize Black Coat £ 494.76

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN shearling collar overcoat, £5,800
COMME DES GARÇONS HOMME Plus long coat, £1,264 

Long Coats from ShopStyle under £ 150