Friday, 15 November 2013

How to Pull Off a Great Pair of Colourful Socks Successfully

Thank God that it has been a while since men don’t wear only grey, black, or navy colours but started to fit themselves in more colourful style. But there are still some men who can’t let the classic colours go. For those I recommend colourful accessories and socks!

(In general nobody gives the attention to socks that they deserve yet they’re central to overall comfort in several ways) 

My fetish for shoes (I can’t help it. I’m a woman. It’s in my DNA) made me passionate for socks too. Believe me; when you sit down and show off your ankles in winter, socks are as important as a tie, bracelet or even a jacket! So stop wearing the boring and start wearing the fun!

Happy socks for feet! 

Today I am going to tackle the subject of men’s colourful socks; giving you tips and looks of how to pull off a great pair of colourful socks successfully.
Socks may sound like a small detail but they can serve to pull an outfit together. Plus; details in your style reflect your character, remember?

The key is...

  • Prints and patterns are this season’s big thing so why not use it for socks! The key is; don’t match the pattern of your socks to a pattern already in the rest of your look. For example, if you’re wearing a printed shirt, cardigan or trousers go with plain socks. You can still wear a colourful socks but without a print. Use the printed/ patterned socks only when you are in a solid-coloured look. 
  • If you’re wearing navy, it’s perfect time to wear a pair of orange striped socks! (Yellow hues are acceptable too)
  • Contrast or compliment your socks to fit with your tie, bracelet or an any accessory. Contrast with the trousers are more acceptable. 

The rules regardless of colours 

  1. Your socks should match one another and not have holes or visible stains. 
  2. Your socks must match your pants but shouldn’t be in the same colour. Mind the word “match”. 
  3. White socks are to be worn only when doing physical activities. (If you are not Michael Jackson)
  4. If we can see both sock and flesh, then I’m afraid the socks are just too short.

Some things are meant to stand out
  • Your business/formal outfit doesn't have to be boring! Add some fun to your look with your socks!

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