Tuesday, 12 November 2013

L O O K OF THE D A Y by Marc, Christopher, and John! :)

Here is a “Look of the day” for students or freelancers and “Weekend Look” for those who are at the office during the weekday.

1. Jeans, Marc Jacobs. Marc knows the fashion! I already LOVE his women’s collections, and I also do LOVE his men’s collections. To be honest, his men’s collections are better than women’s sometimes. When it comes to jeans, let’s be adventurous and leave Diesel aside for a while, huh?

2. Jumper, Christopher Shannon. Knitwear is already a trend that we know. If you look for a ‘statement knit’ here it is! It’s cool, simple, and perfect!

3. Boots, John Varvatos. When it comes to shoes/boots women know better! So hear what I say here… If you want to buy shoes/boots remember that there isn't any cool style with cheap shoes.

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