Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Top 10 Cool Gadgets That A Guy Must Have [a.k.a Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM]

Being cool ad style is not just about outfits. Style includes your attitude and the cool stuff you use / own.
As a woman, I listed some awesome gadgets that a guy should have. The things that I call "Coooool!'. I'm also thinking about to get some for me. The Star Wars Jedi Luxury Bath Robe for example... :)

Cool gifts and gadgets
This article is also a great source for everyone to find a great Christmas gift for their significant other!

Ok. Let's start!

1. Star Wars Jedi Luxury Bath Robe
As I've mentioned "Star Wars Jedi Luxury Bath Robe " is my fav! Great way to have more fun baths! :) Luxury towelling version not to be confused with cheaper fleece materials. One size fits all - Adult bathrobe.

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2. Dr Dre Beats (Solo - HD - Red)
Well, where to begin? These headphones are simply fantastic. They have a slick & sleek form-factor that hugs your head without being oppressive, the ear pieces are extremely comfortable for an 'on-ear' type rather than 'over-ear'. No more to say... It's Beats by Dre !

3. Superhero Cufflinks
I do LOVE the guys in formal suit but a cool detail with an accessory that shoes their naughty personality as a little boy! Superhero cufflinks are a way to go go this! We have Iron man , Batman , and Superman here!

4. Super Hero Suit Carrier
With your superhero cufflinks you also should have a Suit Carrier! Crime fighting abilities not included. :)

5. Smith I/O Recon Snow Goggle
Ski goggles have acres of optical real estate. So why not start throwing some data on there, fighter-jet style? Smith I/O Recon Snow Goggle the next generation of GPS and Bluetooth heads-up display technology is integrated into the unique I/O Recon frame design, provides altitude, speed, jump analytics, navigation, text messaging, maximizing field of view, helmet integration, and ease of lens change. Here is a review video.

6. 'USB Collection' cufflinks
Besides the superhero cufflinks there is also some technological cufflinks; not geeky, so cool! With 'USB Collection' cufflinks feel your self as James Bond with these USB cufflinks! 
Black metal 'USB Collection' cufflinks from RT by Tateossian featuring a pair of functional 2GB mini drives capped in rubber and twist lock fastening. Measures approx. 1.25" L. 

7. Cool cases for Apple gadgets!
If you are an Apple addict you should have accessories for you Apple gadgets as cool and elegant as the brand! Smythson iPad holder and Hex AcademyConvertible Sleeve for 13" MacBook Pro and iPad in Grey Denim. Loved them both! Stylish and smart!

8. Nike Performance Arm Band - Phone case
 If you are into sports and the brand Nike, just do it! Just buy these! :) 
  • Fastening: Velcro
  • Outer material: nylon, polyurethane
  • Article number: N1244A0B7-802
9. Bluw Mini Mixer
DJ any party, anytime, anywhere with this portable MP3 Mixing Deck ! A super-cool, one-of-a-kind miniature mixer that brings DJ functionality to your iPods! A great tech gadget for aspiring DJs or anyone who loves their music and their mp3 player to have some fun with!

10. 1880 Beer Holster "Classic"
That reminds me Western movies and the cowboys carrying their guns! :) Be a modern cowboy with a beer instead of a gun with 1880 Beer Holster "Classic" ! Ideal for barbeques, parties, stag dos, picnics, nights out with the boys and DIY jobs around the house; unique gift for men (because a real cowboys need a holster!)
Cool holster for drink bottles and cans of up to 0.5 litres (not larger than 6.6 cm in diameter). Fits all belts (not included in the delivery) of up to 4 cm in width; simply pull the belt through the holster loop. Hand-made from 100% real leather.


Micro Luggage Scooter 
This is a must-have for everyone, not just for men! I LOVED it. I WANT it! So anyone looking for a gift for me, here is a great idea that would make me the happiest person in the world - and in the airport! :)
Fly through the airport like a rock star on the Micro Luggage Scooter . An ultra cool case with scooter attached, providing maximum flexibility that lets you Pull, Fold, Ride, and get to the gate on time.

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