Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Easy Chic, Avantgardist, Urban Outdoor, and Hybrid Business

Every style has its own spirit in itself just like us, people. We are not in the same mood everyday therefore experiencing different styles makes us more human! :) 
Wake up in the morning and look at the mirror. Then dress up depending your mood. Are you an easy chic, avantgardist, urban guy or an hybrid business man?

Effortlessly stylish. That's why it's easy! :)

Sharp and demanding. This style knows how to stay simple but creative and stylish.

Urban guy plays with formal dress code and makes it fun; turns it into an eclectic style. Cool guys

This is a masculine elegance. Easy and effective wardrobe. Here, details make the difference. Accessories, jumper under a jacket or a denim shirt under a blazer. Suitable for stylist business guys