Monday, 30 December 2013

Mountain Man | What To Pack for a Ski Holiday?

Ok. Here is a confession. I like summer but I’m more a winter person. Skiing and snowboarding is as tempting to me as a beach holiday. And sometimes more…
As my favourite time of the year has come (inc Christmas) we can start talking about ski holidays which I will be packing for soon! Hooray! J
Either you are a first timer or a regular skier there are certain things you wouldn’t want missing in your suitcase. Also there is a certain ‘style’ in ski holiday/ski look too.
So here is the ‘suitcase must have list’ for 2014 ski holidays!

PS: according to my surveys, women find men who snowboard very charming.

  1. First things first. Your ski outfit! Besides the specific ski/board trousers, gloves and etc, for a ski/board jacket, Moncler rules!
  2. Thermal socks  & thermal and long sleeved tops for base layers. You will hate yourself if you forget these. Thermal socks and tops are life savers on a ski holiday!
  3. Fleece sweater with a safe pocket for your mobile. DO NOT GO SKIING WITHOUT YOUR MOBILE  – You may get lost… You may also prefer a small rucksack.
  4. Even though it’s not a beach holiday you still have to take your sun care kit with you. The sun can be unforgiving up on the mountain, reflecting off the snow. Lip protection with high SPF, high factor sunscreen and after sun lotion. + Moisturizing
  5. Another summer essential for a winter holiday! Swim suit for sauna, hot tub or pool which is the second greatest time of the day after skiing.
  6. Pills like pain killers, muscle relaxants and something for diarrhea. Trust me!
  7. Casual clothes for the evening, layers are key as hotels and chalets can be warm. I usually prefer going very casual and relax on ski holidays. Enjoy this opportunity! J
  8. Travel Shot Glasses – you know why J
And as a result: Welcome to the BEANIE zone! Here are my picks for a stylish ski holiday inc. beanies, accessories, and jackets.