Wednesday, 4 December 2013

11+ Rules to Suit Up!
for modern guys

Even if you are a student or work as a freelance (home office) there will be times that you should wear a suit.  Any man can wear it but not every man can wear it right. You should also keep in mind that women are vulnerable when it comes to uniforms and suits. So… You have to learn how to pull it off.

  • First things first! Fit is everything. Especially for suits. Even the world's most expensive suit will look bad if it doesn’t fit you properly. Not too big, not too tight. Just perfect.

  • I don’t like white suits or very light coloured ones. But it’s my personal opinion. So I would say go with dark colours. Not everything has to be colourful.
  • It doesn't have to be boring! Even if you wear a suit in navy, black or grey you still can add some colours and details with your tie or accessories. Polka dots are a great way to bring energy to a suit. You can use it with your shirt or tie. Bold colours for ties, watches or bracelets look ‘cool’ too. Also a pocket square (I’m not a fan of them but…)

  • It is impossible to look pulled together when your jacket isn't buttoned. (Three-button jackets: middle button only; two-button jackets: top button only; one-button jacket: that one button.) But always unfasten your jacket buttons when you sit. No exceptions.
  • Never underestimate the value of that half inch of shirt cuff jutting out under your jacket. 
  • Always go bold with your cuff-links.
  • You don’t have to wear tie with every suit.
Suits with/without tie

  • The difference between classic and cliché is often in the material. 
  • Never wear a suit without a belt.
  • Brogue boots add the perfect rugged touch to your favorite casual suit.
  • You may always try different styles with your suit. Don’t hesitate to show you personality!

  • Blue jacket with black collar… My favourite. I'm also a big fan of waistcoats inside the suit jackets.

This one is a tuxedo but still... I loved it. You can use some creativity to turn these colours and style into a suit. :)
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