Sunday, 1 December 2013

Love, Brand, and Style: DSquared2 Outfits

There are some brands that when you hear or see their names you know that nothing will bad come out of it. They are always cool, desired, and fashionable. DSquared2 is one of them!
The fashion business and most men should be grateful for Canadian twin brothers Dean & Dan for creating this brand and being so tasteful. The brothers define their brand as “Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy”.

Everything in the shop is a MUST HAVE for me! But I have to pick some of them for my blog. So here is my today's favourites!

DSquared Jacquard Wool Knit Beanie Hat £66
DSquared lace-up trainer £281.56
DSquared long sleeve sweater £418.42
DSquared leather sleeve bomber jacket £1,203
DSquared Navy Blue Jacket with Fur Neck £671.16