Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Fatal Blow: Belstaff meets David Beckham

When it comes to menswear Belstaff has always been in my TOP 3 brands. It's 'the' love mark of mine. I love the style, the fabric, the design, and the attitude of the brand.
There is no one in the world that can say that David Beckham is not a style icon.
Here is a fatal blow! Belstaff meets David Beckham! The best campaign couple of all times!

As a leather star, Belstaff is known for making some of the finest motorcycle attire around. With its new chief creative officer Martin Cooper, the biking brand has opened a gargantuan flagship shop on London's New Bond Street and launched it with a style icon; David Beckham.

Belstaff is now open at 135-137 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, W1. 
To shop it online click here.

Here is an interview with David Beckham by Nick Carvell, Fashion Editor of GQ.co.uk, at last night's store launch to talk bikes, biker jackets and best-dressed riders.
Source for the interview: GQ

GQ: When did you first get involved with Belstaff?
David Beckham: About five or six years I went into a vintage store when I was first thinking about riding bikes and found this really cool biker - an old, vintage Belstaff jacket. I've worn it ever since.

GQ: Who's the best-dressed man to ever get on a bike?
I always look back in time, so I'd have to say Steve McQueen.

GQ: What is it about riding a bike you particularly love? Does Victoria ever hop on with you?
With four children, it hard to get her on the bike. I love the freedom of riding. When you're out there no-one knows it's you because you've got the full face helmet on. I can just enjoy being alone.

GQ: Do you have a couple of bikes yourself?
I do, they're over in LA. I haven't actually ridden in England yet - only in the US and in France.

GQ: What's your favourite motorbike?
It's got to be my vintage [Harley Davidson] Knucklehead. I had it built specially from different parts. It's great - really Twenties looking. Also you just can't beat a classic Triumph.

Nick is Fashion Editor of GQ.co.uk. 
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @nickcarvell.

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