Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Men with Stripes VS Women with Polka Dots

Nowadays men do not want to suit up classic – in other words ‘dull’. Thank God!
A new trend comes up for women almost every day so why shouldn't it be like this for men too?
This season we see striped tops many times on men’s fashion meanwhile there is a polka dot trend for women.
So let the fashion battle begin! :)
Men with Stripes VS Women with Polka Dots!

Many guys want to express their style with more than just solid colors, but try to avoid bold patterns. So; stripes are the perfect solution.

This trend seems easy for most guys to pull off, you still should keep several rules in mind.
  1. Stripes don't have to be black or navy. Try to use colourful striped outfits.
  2. Go vertical rather than horizontal.
  3. Keep it thin for business outfits/suit. You can use the thick striped ones for casual wear or weekends.
  4. If you go for a striped jumper, shirt or a pullover make sure that your trousers are in a solid colour; also a contrast colour.
  5. Please stay away from the striped trousers. You can only wear them if it’s a nice pinstripe suit.

TOMs, one of the most trendy brand nowadays, have both striped and polka dot shoes. Lucky us!

Here is some style/shopping ideas on striped outfits for men: