Thursday, 1 November 2018

BEST 6 Winter Streetwear Outfit Combinations √

The winter looks are mostly thought as limited because the chunky coats are a must to keep yourself warm. But... We insist that colder weather doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your street style in overly winter coats. Here are 6 great winter streetwear outfit combinations. 

PS: Still, in spite of the our streetwear offers in this article, there are still a few things to keep in mind this season. Click here to see some of the key pieces

1. Denim Jacket with shearling collar + Logo hoodie

Denim jacket and a hoodie combo is an ideal substitute for an effortless look but yet stylish. Shearling collars are one of the biggest trends this season so go for a denim jacket with a shearling collar to make the look more suitable for winter and stay warmer. 

2. Layers + Hiking boots

A good understanding of your layers is key to nailing winter streetwear. Go for garments of varying lengths so that they’re visible when worn on top of one another. Hiking boots are the hottest boots of this season. Do not hesitate to use them in all your looks.

3. Vintage style brown trousers + Dad sneakers + extremely touchable topcoats

Streetwear is about making a statement. And what better way to do that than by using a statement topcoat with the most trendy sneakers? Plus; dad sneakers are dad sneakers.

4. Puffer vest + Hiking boots

Puffer vests over a jumper is a very easy way to pull of a cool street look. Combine it with hiking boots to get the more casual but yet cool look.

5. Overcoat + Dad caps + Hoodie

Dad caps can cope with cold-weather clothing nicely.Especially where long coats are involved. Plus; the overcoat works surprisingly well with a hoodie and casual clothing in place of a suit.

6. Bold colours in jumpers + Jeans 

Be bold or go home! Leave your black and grey jumpers at home today and pick a bold colour. Down below, the jeans you spend most of the winter in will do nicely.

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