Monday, 22 October 2018

The 4 Biggest Trends in Menswear for Winter 2018-19


The winter may seem dark and cold, but in fashion world we always find a way to find solace in. These 4 biggest trends will make you want to be outside more despite the cold weather just to share your outfit with the world! With the help street trends, shop windows and some professional sources, we’ve rounded up the autumn-winter trends for this season.

Invest in a shearling

This is a must. Shearling has been a rising trend in menswear last year too and it doesn’t seem like that it will go away soon. A high-quality shearling overcoat will last you a lifetime and keep you warm for just as long. This season's best shearling are also showed in desirable styles.

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Hiking Boots 

It’s cool, comfortable, warm and masculine! What can you ask more from a pair boots, right? If you're going to make one investment on shoes this season, make it a pair of high quality hiking boots. Gucci, Bally or Moncler would be a good place to start but we’ve picked some budget friendly ones too.

Shades of brown – especially in coats

Not only this year – brown long coats have always been on the top in menswear.

Nineties Sportswear

It’s not vintage. It’s 90s in 2018 styles and cuts. Best way to update nineties classics is to go oversized and wear them with tailoring.

PS: Some say that checkered pieces are the 5th one but we are not one of them. We are not a big fan of checks in menswear but if you insist you can go with a well-tailored and cool styled short length jackets. Or you don't. To be honest don’t use checks in any of your look. Maybe a hat. Maybe…

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