Thursday, 25 July 2013

James McAvoy style in Trance at a glance

We get used to seeing James McAvoy as a nice guy with no beard, fully bald and in good behaviours because of X-Men. Although I’m always into bad boys like all the women in the world somehow I always find him charming… His smile and his killer blue eyes… There is something about him…

Last week I saw the movie Trance by Danny Boyle… It has been such a long time that I haven’t seen such a great movie! I loved everything about it. The characters, the production, the scenes, the scenario, the end… Everything!

And yet I fell in love with James McAvoy.

Trance is quite brutal at times. Screen violence at almost every scene. But psychological curiosity has always drawn my attention. There was a love of art in the movie; and then a real obsessive, passionate, mentally wrong love! James McAvoy pulled it very well.

We all know that he always chooses Prada for red carpet. “As a short man, Prada works particularly well, because they know how to fit short Italians,” says McAvoy. Now he has ginger beard which looks good on him too. I always prefer men with a little bit beard. That’s the style key for being a bad boy.

He looks good in suits on red carpet (Prada) 
He looks good in suits on red carpet (Prada) and casual outfits too but in the movie I prefer to see him in casual outfits because the suits he wears in Trance seem like he is wearing the old suits from his big brother or dad. They are oversized for him!
Now let’s have a look at his style in the movie. Simon’s style…

In the first scenes we see him in nice boy outfits with vest. (By the way vests only look good on Hugh Grant and Jude Law.) When it turns out he is a bad boy, his outfits change into smart casual which I like more.

- Faded coloured t-shirts and bad boy jeans made him seem look cool. They reminded me of Diesel.

Also blue shirt with roll up sleeves… An iconic style for a cool guy in shirt!

He is wearing a navy blue quilted jacket with a buckle neckstrap and exposed full-length zipper. I don’t know the brand but it gives off a Belstaff vibe to me. 

The dark blue t-shirt that he wears looks good on him. 

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