Thursday, 25 July 2013

If you are getting ready for a summer holiday - MUST HAVE LIST FOR MEN

When you go on holiday it’s one of the worst feeling when you realize that you forgot something!

Here is a check-list for men:

For style

- Travel Clothes Steamer – No one likes wrinkles
- Swim shorts, sandals, trainers, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces (Accessories are always ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ in summer)
- At least one pair of chinos
- Baseball cap
- Manbag for beaches to carry your stuff with you
- At least 2-3 pairs of smart casual outfits for fancy nights
- At least 2 sweaters just in case for cool nights

For everything :) ( First a mastercard :p)

- Highly Visible Luggage Strap
- Passport
- Sleep eye mask
- Portable Mosquito Repeller
- Mini Global Adaptor
- Sun & After Sun lotion
- Moisturizer
- Perfume
- Toothbrush/paste, Travel Grooming
- Stain Stick
- Camera, iPod, earphones, headphones
- Battery for mobile and tablets  Smart Emergency Charger
- Books, magazines


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