Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The 5 Best Places to Travel in Summer 2018

I'm very sure that you are all set and have already fixed your summer holiday plans but summer is not a very short period and why not to add a last minute - spontaneous destination?
Last minute plans are always fun and exciting, right? :)

1. TULUM, Mexico

Instagram's most popular destination with laid back beach paradise with white sands and jungle adventures! This tropic paradise destination is two hours south of Cancún (which has direct flights from Heathrow). You can find many hotels or village accommodations. Beware of the street tacos though but holiday calories don't count! :)

2. AMALFI, Italy

People who have been to Amalfi costs say that it leaves you wanting more! In Amalfi Coast, hugely popular tourist destination, you can easily spend a full week or more exploring the many towns and beaches along the coast. The main reason people are probably going to the Amalfi Coast is to see Positano. Even if you’re not a photographer or not into Instagram too much, you’re going to want your camera for this unbelievably beautiful place. Plus; if you prefer to break up the beach days with days where you actually do something, visiting Pompeii is the perfect way to spend your 1-2 days.

3. MYKONOS, Greece

White, blue and dreamy! Greece is always a good idea! Mykonos, with it's entertaining night life, happy hours and trendy beaches, is definitely the most glamorous of the Greek Cycladic Islands located south east of Athens. It's reputation comes from oiled up summer parties and beautiful tanned bodies and breathtaking beaches.

4. KONA, Hawaii

I don't call it a summer holiday if there are no palm trees! Hawaii as a very well-known and popular summer holiday destination is one of those places where you can not go wrong!Just so you know; Kona is one of three Hawaiian destinations that made Google's top five. A visit to Kona is not complete without snorkelling.

5.  SOLTA, Croatia

As being mostly preferred by yacht and boat travellers Solta is becoming more popular everyday in Croatia, the  jewel of the Adriatic Sea. The stony islet has become synonymous with pristine nature (pebbly beaches, turquoise waters, lush greenery), medieval villages, winemaking (try the indigenous Dobričić variety), and family-run olive oil purveyors like Olynthia, a fourth-generation producer.

PS: All the photos are from pinterest findings.

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