Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Take on the latest denim trend set to go big this summer
Words By Chantelle Symester via TopManMagazine

  1. DON'T GO OTT You needn't look like you've been dragged at 50mph down the road by your jeans nor should you opt for the 'shabby chic' - read hobo look (we promise you, it doesn't look good). The great thing about Topman's latest ripped jean's range is that there are just enough slits and rips to make it look cool rather than try hard or just plain wrong. 

  2. SMARTEN IT UP You needn't look like you've been dragged at 50mph down the road nor should you opt for the hobo look (it doesn't look 'shabby chic' btw). Adding some ripped jeans to a relatively smart outfit will work because you are balancing out each element. We like the idea of teaming yours with a nice fresh shirt and this drop shoulder coat.

  3. STAY UP ON THE TRENDS The distressed look is making a comeback this season and these subtle knee slits on these spray on style jeans will make sure you are way ahead of the curve. (Plus it'll be extra ventilation when it gets a bit hotter).

  4. DARK DENIM= SUBTLE Still too shy to try - work with a darker colour which will tone the look down.

  5. ADD SOME DETAIL TO DRESSED DOWN ATTIRE When your simple everyday attire needs a bit of a life why not throw on some ripped spray ons? It's an easy, instant update and pretty much a no-brainer.