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7 Questions To Understand More About Men's Formal Wear

Interview with Lewis Watson, Sales Manager of

Simple is one of the most difficult thing to do when it comes to fashion and style. Pulling off a simple look in a fashionable way is even more difficult. On street styles or casual wear you don’t have to deal with “simple and stylish” all the time but when it comes to formal wear the struggle begins.
Either it’s a ‘black-tie optional’ or a “Black Tie” dress code, being prepared before hosting, attending, or accompanying someone to an event is key to success.
Pulling off a trendy and stylish look in a formal wear can be tricky sometimes. Ties seem out of the picture and accessories becomes more and more important in these days.

Lewis Watson, Sales Manager of, shares his expertise and thought for gentlemen about formal wear 2014. Apparently skinny ties and velvet jackets are on trend.                                                                                                                              

FormalTailor specialise in men's formal wear for all occasions, whether you're attending a wedding, attending the latest shirt and tie event or you're simply adhering to your formal dress code at work, FormalTailor can cater to all your clothing needs. They are focused on covering every aspect of your men's formal wear requirements, from wedding suit hire, dinner suits, business wear as well as morning and evening wear. They also provide all the necessary accessories to complete your look, such as wedding waistcoats, men's cravats, bow ties, formal trousers and even top hats.

Which, how, with what?

  • TrendHimUK: What is the most essential thing in men's formal wear?
Lewis Watson: In my opinion, a really good fitting Jacket is the most essential part of men. The reason for this is that the Jacket is the main focal point of where the eyes are draw to from a slight distance. 
  • TH: What is the most common mistake made in men’s formal wear?
LW: The most common mistake made in men’s formal wear is, the groom often wears colours matching the bridesmaids, when in fact, he should match the bride and the rest of gentleman should match the bridesmaids. The reason for this is so that when the bride and groom are photographed together they match in perfect harmony.
  • TH: Can you tell us top 3 trends in 2014 for men's formal wear?
LW: The three biggest trends for 2014 are Slim-fitting Jackets, Skinny leg suit trousers & Velvet Jackets have also really began to take off recently for gentleman who want to look that extra bit sharper.
  • TH: What is your favourite piece in your collection for this season?
LW: It’s hard to decide upon a favourite piece in our collection for this season as we have the largest range of ties & cravat colours available in the UK. That being said, we do have brighter colours in currently including a sangria colour which also has a matching pocket square that looks amazing. 
  • TH: Any other colourful pieces or are we going to see just black and grey in 2014 as usual?
LW: A Maroon Dinner Jacket looks really classy and especially when finished with real satin lapels is very stylish.
  • TH: Ties seem out of fashion lately. What's your opinion?
LW: Whilst ties do seem to be less fashionable recently, Skinny Ties are definately more popular than ever before especially as they look just as good with black tie or wedding clothing also. Personally we think these are better for young men.
  • TH: What are the trendy accessories in formal wear?
LW: The trendy accessories for men’s formal wear currently are skinny ties instead of bow ties for the tuxedo look, which definately seem to be on the rise. When tied with a good size knot they can look just as smart as a traditional bow tie. As we can see in the media, in particular Pharrell Williams, the bow tie is also a trendy accessory as shown in his more recent music videos.

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