Thursday, 10 April 2014

#ShoePorn for Men!

Shoe addiction may seem like just for women but this is not true. Even if it’s true that means women look at your shoes and criticize your taste. Either way you have to be careful and selective as a men when it comes to shoes.
Men shoes have an informal look for Spring 2014, but are yet very stylish. If you are a conservative guy in means of style try the ones with laces.  One of the hottest trends in men’s shoes for the season are the solid soles, decorated with metal elements or unexpected colours. But I – personally- don’t like metals in men’s shoes unless they are just for decoration. The most popular models of men’s designer shoes for the spring of 2014 are moccasins, loafers, slippers and chukkas. Smooth leather, suede and nubuck keeps their ranking in fashion. You will also find that reptile skin and reptile skin imitations are another popular choice of material for men’s shoes. Combinations of materials with different textures are also possible.

My DO’s
  • Loafers (just for a business look)
  • Sandals & flip flops with Bermudas
  • Trainers (always)
  • Chukkas

  • Reptile Skin
  • Too much metal elements
  • Pointy-toed shoes
  • Flip flops with boot cut jeans

Vibrant colours, like cobalt blue, emerald green and cherry are another popular trends in men’s shoes for this season. Of course, the traditional colours like black and brown are not excluded. You can also try floral prints for espadrilles too (Which I like a lot!)

Here is the editor’s pick (which is me in this case) for shoe shopping!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Take on the latest denim trend set to go big this summer
Words By Chantelle Symester via TopManMagazine

  1. DON'T GO OTT You needn't look like you've been dragged at 50mph down the road by your jeans nor should you opt for the 'shabby chic' - read hobo look (we promise you, it doesn't look good). The great thing about Topman's latest ripped jean's range is that there are just enough slits and rips to make it look cool rather than try hard or just plain wrong. 

  2. SMARTEN IT UP You needn't look like you've been dragged at 50mph down the road nor should you opt for the hobo look (it doesn't look 'shabby chic' btw). Adding some ripped jeans to a relatively smart outfit will work because you are balancing out each element. We like the idea of teaming yours with a nice fresh shirt and this drop shoulder coat.

  3. STAY UP ON THE TRENDS The distressed look is making a comeback this season and these subtle knee slits on these spray on style jeans will make sure you are way ahead of the curve. (Plus it'll be extra ventilation when it gets a bit hotter).

  4. DARK DENIM= SUBTLE Still too shy to try - work with a darker colour which will tone the look down.

  5. ADD SOME DETAIL TO DRESSED DOWN ATTIRE When your simple everyday attire needs a bit of a life why not throw on some ripped spray ons? It's an easy, instant update and pretty much a no-brainer.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

WISH LIST for men with New Arrivals!

Nobody wants to be enslaved by fashion or lose the himself in trends. This is why ‘style’ is different from fashion. But style needs to be updated from time to time too.
Let’s give 10 min break to see new arrivals for SS14 menswear and check the ones we like for a great ‘wish list’, a.k.a ‘I want this in my wardrobe!’ list.
These are the ones that I’ve picked for my boyfriend. You can see my list or creat yours!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Men's Style Guide SS14 | Top 8 Trends to Watch Out!

Before start to shop for SS14 wardrobe check out this guide! Floral prints, 50s’ smart wear, sport references, the blue period for men, new version of bermuda shorts, neon trainers and more...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Exclusive Interview with Gemma Hyslop, Stylist of Urban Outfitters Europe

Here is another woman in menswear world! Gemma Hyslop, menswear & womenswear Stylist at Urban Outfitters Europe, tells us about SS14 menswear trends. This is a womanly chat about male trends including likes & dislikes! J

Can you tell us about yourself?
I am the European stylist for all online imagery for both menswear and womenswear. I basically put all the outfits together for the online product shoots and style all the menswear for our Lookbooks, press days and creative imagery!

What’s the ratio of men to women customers of Urban Outfitters?
We have a smaller menswear based customer compared to our womenswear customers but I would say they are a little older so come to our website or stores for something specific! They know the brands we stock, they know what they like and they come to us specifically for those brands or pieces!

On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate men paying attention to their daily styles compared to women?
7 years ago I would of said maybe a 5 but now I think Menswear is so much bigger and more exciting than it has ever been I would say a good 8 or 9. Men are much more aware these days, celebrities, singers and people in the public eye are a lot more style conscious pushing boundaries with fashion so this then filters down to the highstreet.

Do you think runways are reflected on the street?
Yes, more so than ever, people take direct influence from catwalk shows these days and make it work for their own personal style, whether it be head to toe or just certain aspects.

Do you think there is a definite kind of style for the future of men’s fashion?
I don’t think any fashion can be definite as it is ever changing. I do believe men’s fashion will become stronger each year though, there are so many new designers emerging in Menswear at the moment and it is exciting to find out who is going to grow within the industry and who is going to drop off the scene quickly!

"I love men who aren't scared to push the boundaries. I have a lot of respect for a guy who will wear a head to toe printed outfit, you need to be a confident person to carry off certain trends."

Could you also name one person in the public eye whose style you like the most?
I love ASAP Rocky and feel he has pathed the way for making fashion more accessible to the average guy, he has helped to link up fashion and music more in the public eye. I also think Pharrell Willams and Kanye (even though he is a bit of a douch bag) have also done this!

What would be your one piece of advice for men in terms of style and fashion?
Always wear good trainers!